We're Abe's Market. We want you to feel good about your goods.

Our Story

We've been great friends for years. Basketball, hiking, mountain biking, camping, tight rope walking (ok, we made up that last one) - we do a lot together. Our wives and kids are friends. We've always thrown business ideas off each other.

For a long time now we've talked about starting a business that we'd feel great about - a business that is wonderful for both businesses and consumers and that would have a positive impact on the environment. As natural product enthusiasts, we envisioned a place that would enable shoppers like us to discover fantastic, hard-to-find products and to really connect with the product creators – the way markets were once run.

As a serial entrepreneur, Richard, who has already built and grown a natural product business, knows the struggle of sellers trying to grow their business and how to solve these challenges. As a big brand builder, Jon knows how to help companies communicate their stories and build awareness of their products. Eureka! Hello, Abe's Market.

Our goal is to provide the best natural products that are good for you, your families and the environment. If you have an idea of how we can make things better, we want to hear from you. Abe's Market is all about discovering fantastic natural products, and it's about stories. Tell us yours.

Richard Demb and Jon Polin   -   Co-Founders