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As Winter sets in, my tea kettle starts whistling at full blast. Whether it’s a wake-up morning brew, a relaxing afternoon blend, or an after-dinner sip of sweet, I’ve come to realize lately that tea is my mind and body comforter. And after speaking with Nidhi Pandya from Karma Blends, I now know that teas have a whole lot more to offer our bodies and souls. With the right blend of all natural herbs and ingredients, Pandya’s centuries-old practices have medicinal and healing powers as well. Check out her amazing story that takes from her grandfather’s tea-healing powers and combats the ills of traditional pharmaceutical companies.

What are the differences between traditional and herbal medicine?

Traditional medicine works extremely effectively on the symptoms of the disease, but it leaves the root cause lingering in the body, waiting to act up on the first given chance. Herbal medicine recognizes the body’s natural ability to heal and identifies accompaniments in nature that boost the natural healing system. Herbal medicine therefore works not on a particular symptom, but rather on the body as a whole, giving it a gentle boost so it can work to eliminate the cause of disease.

What are the advantages to using herbal remedies versus “Western” medications?

Western medication is “symptom-relief”; it works on a particular symptom. This may not always be in harmony with the other parts of the body and may lead to side-effects elsewhere. Herbal medicine rarely has side effects. In fact while working on a particular ailment, it actually works on the whole body or body system. For example, when you drink an herbal tea for cold, it will not only make you feel better but it will also strengthen your respiratory system for the future. This can be seen in contrast to Western medicine where if you take antibiotics to treat a particular infection, you may witness a not very pleasant effect on your digestive system. Additionally, herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years! Western medicine has been around for only about 200 years. The system is still very new and a lot is still to be discovered. This is the reason for sudden recalls and drug poisonings. It’s clear that herbal medicine is the safer choice in the long run, at least for minor ailments.

Have you formally studied herbal medicine?

I am a certified nutritionist from the Global College of Natural Medicine. While I did study some herbal medicine there, most of what I know comes from how I was raised. I was brought up in a traditional Indian joint family in India where my grandfather was a very important part of my upbringing. He was a famous Ayurvedic Master and taught me how to integrate herbal medicine in to my lifestyle. Helping him with his patients and following the simple principles of health that he taught me is the foundation of what I know.

How do you craft your herbal blends?

We craft our blends using principles of Ayurvedic Medicine in tandem with some insight from Traditional Chinese medicine. We take a long time to craft and test our blends, making sure that each ingredient is in the right proportion. We also focus on taste. Since some highly effective herbs may not be highly palatable; we mask their taste by adding complementary tasteful herbs. Combining health with taste is very important to us!

Do you import your ingredients? From where?

We import most of our ingredients from India. About 10% of our ingredients come from American suppliers who source them from Europe.

How were you inspired to make teas for children?

I have a three and a half year old daughter. Every time I see a cold or stomach upset approaching, I use preventative herbal remedies to nip them in the bud. A lot of my friends and people I know started asking me for these remedies which they also found to be very useful. This gave me the idea to craft teas for kids. I can say with confidence that these herbal remedies not only help you to treat an existing ailment, but leave your immune system stronger to prevent sickness in the future.

What’s your favorite blend from among your products?

Definitely the Digest Better. I drink at least one cup every single day. Not only does it help in digestion, it also tastes really good. Additionally, it relieves bloating, helps lose weight and gives you a flatter stomach. All of this naturally!

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