Natural Nail Polish: The safe solution

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As a father of a young girl, I’m not always her first choice to play dress up (unless there are superheroes or minotaurs involved). Makeup, accessories, even nail polish are not things I put on (at least not anymore, my goth stage ended in 1995), let alone play with on any sort of regular basis. But even in the few times that I do help her apply creams and colors – even geared for children – to her costumed characters I can’t help but wonder what’s in this stuff that my daughter so eagerly and excitedly puts on her body.

And that’s exactly the same question that prompted mothers Jessica Dunnaway, of Piggy Paint, and Natalie Bauss, of Keeki Pure and Simple to develop toxin-free, water-based nail polishes that are safe for kids.

Watching spills from commercial, solvent-based nail polish eat through foam and formica was a huge wake up call for these moms: this stuff was beyond dangerous at every turn, from the fumes to the chemical compounds.

“Not only do children love to have their nails painted, but they also have a fascination with putting those little fingers in their mouths. Whatever you put on their hands will end up in their mouths!” Jessica, a mom of two girls, explains.

Polishes from Piggy Paint and Keeki Pure and Simple are not only fume-free, benefiting grownups and kids alike, they’re also free of toluene, Formaldehyde and phthalates—three toxins common to almost every commercial polish. “Children’s skin is 30% thinner than adults’, and they absorb more of these harmful chemicals,” Natalie says.

Consumer responses to the products have been overwhelmingly positive. Parents love being able to say yes to a safe natural nail polish for their kids of any age. Plus the fume-free nail polishes make the painting experience a happy one for adults.

Parents “often want to know ‘At what age is it safe to use nail polish on my child?’” Jessica reports. “With our polish, it is safe to use on even the tiniest of piggies! Once a customer has experienced our non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly polish, they not only use Piggy Paint on their children, but often on themselves as well.” Piggy Paint now has a line of polishes with more sophisticated colors, directed at the parents for whom bright colors and sparkles may not always be appropriate.

“Finding the right chemist was a challenge,” Natalie tells us, but “everyone LOVES our polish–and the best part is that the parents thank us for having this product available!”

For those wondering how natural polishes compare to chemical ones: Even though the natural versions are water -based, they last around the same amount of time (with a topcoat) as “regular” nail polish, with resistance to chipping and the great shine consumers expect. Full hardness takes a few more minutes (Jessica recommends helping it along with a minute under a hair dryer), and a remover formulated for water-based polishes is required.

In my household we’ve been taking steps towards improving our relationship with natural products and I’m happy to report that my wife has recently thrown out her entire stock of chemical based nail polish.

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  1. Thank you for the research and info on safe organic nail polishes! I haven’t blogged yet on kids nail designs, but have gotten a lot of requests for some nail polishes and simple nail designs for kids, so on my list for July is to add some information specific to kids polishes – and I will definitely check back here to leverage the information you’ve already collected.

    (my current focus is on trendy crackle polish designs for adults of course given the ingredients in these.

    Talia – owner and writer of a cool nail polish design blog!