5 Natural Holiday Decor Ideas from Amanda Hearn

Posted by ahuva on Nov, 07, 12 at 6:00 am

With these tips from Amanda Hearn of theecofriendlyfamily.com plus a little love and care, you will be enjoying the holidays with ease as well as leaving your guests feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are full of pressures to buy things but as the saying goes, the best things in life are free, or in our case at least close to it! Try these tips to create a seasonal ambiance that is full of authenticity instead of using synthetic store-bought items. (They’re cheaper, too!)

1. Branches
Twigs and small branches are beautiful items to use in centerpieces, as wall art, and more. As a plus you can often likely find what you need already on the ground or on a tree that has had a limb die. No need to take a live branch.

2. Pinecones
Pinecones are a simple decor item that truly speak to the season. They come in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of design needs. Some of my favorites to use are about the size of an acorn.

3. Nuts
Acorns, buckeyes, and other tree offerings can make great additions to centerpieces. Use other items to bring your favorite pieces into the season.

4. Cinnamon Sticks
Fragrant and beautiful, these sticks can be tied with string, twine or ribbon to give them a more seasonal feel that will match your decor. They can often be found inexpensively at any craft or holiday store.

5. Winterberry Branches
Winterberry, a type of holly, is a beautiful way to bring nature–and a pop of color–into your home. Their thin branches and bright red berries can be used in sleek modern designs or used to add color and depth to more traditional decor.

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