Chia Variety Pack (8 oz)

Why we love it: What makes chia so great?

For centuries, Native Indian Peoples in the Americas have u... read more >
BPA Free ▸
Dairy Free ▸
Diabetic-Friendly ▸
Dye and Color-Additive Free ▸
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Certified Vegan (Vegan Action) ▸
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Chia Variety Pack (8 oz)
Organic Chia Oil Organic Chia Seeds Organic Chia Variety Pack Organic Chia Seed 8oz Front Organic Chia Seed 8oz Back Organic Chia Seed 8oz Nutrition Panel Organic Chia Protein Powder Front Organic Chia Protein Powder Back Organic Chia Protein Powder Nutrition Panel Chia Variety Pack
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About this product: What makes chia so great?

For centuries, Native Indian Peoples in the Americas have used chia seed as a staple food. Aztec warriors subsisted on chia seeds during battles and hunting expeditions.  +More

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Alcohol Free ▸
Kosher ▸
BPA Free ▸
Low Carb ▸
Caffeine Free ▸
Low Glycemic ▸
Casein Free ▸
Made in the USA ▸
CFC Free ▸
Natural ▸
Chlorine Free ▸
No Added Sugar or Sweeteners ▸
Compostable ▸
No Artificial Ingredients ▸
Corn Free ▸
Organic ▸
Dairy Free ▸
Peanut Free ▸
Diabetic-Friendly ▸
Pesticide Free ▸
Dye and Color-Additive Free ▸
Petroleum Free ▸
Egg Free ▸
Phthalate Free ▸
Family-Owned Business ▸
Raw ▸
Fat Free ▸
Salt Free ▸
Full of Omega 3's ▸
Soy Free ▸
Full of Omega 6's ▸
Sugar Free ▸
Gluten Free ▸
Tree Nut Free ▸
GMO Free ▸
Vegan ▸
Gourmet ▸
Vegetarian ▸
Halal ▸
Wheat Free ▸
High Fiber ▸
Woman-Owned Business ▸
High Fructose Corn Syrup Free ▸
Yeast Free ▸
Hypoallergenic ▸


Certified Vegan (Vegan Action) ▸
USDA Certified Organic ▸
EcoCert ▸


Chia Seeds- Made with 100% Organic Chia Seeds!, , Chia Protein Powder- Made with 100% Organic Chia Protein Powder!, , 100% Chia Seed Oil- Made with 100% Organic Chia Oil!

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