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What is this Sampling program?

We live and love natural and wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to try new products. We are working closely with our seller partners to provide as many possible sample sized products as we can. Each order includes 3 samples neatly packed in a recyclable box.

How much does it really cost me?


But I get a $5 gift code...?

Correct. So yeah, it's basically free.

Wait... Does that include shipping?

It sure does! We are making super cheap so you don't have to think too hard (or work too hard) to try 3 samples. Your $5 includes shipping (and that $5 gift code we promised). Fun and miraculous? We agree :)

How many samples can I order?

We get that you want to try a whole lot of samples. We only ask that you try each sample only once and check out with only one sample pack.

Can I send a sample pack to a friend?

Yes. We will include a pick list with the sample box so your lucky friend/family member will know you sent it.

I love my samples, how do I order the full size?

Glad you asked because that is how the passionate people who make the products on Abe's earn a living...You can come to AbesMarket.com at any time to place your order for the product and you can look up your samples order on your Account page. We will also email you a few days after you receive your order to see how you liked it and ask if you would like the full size.

Has Abe's applied your natural filter and analyzed all of the products in the sampling program?

Of course! We would only ever offer you products we believe in.

How many Discovery Packs can I order?

We want to make sure everyone has the joy of discovering natural, so for right now each customer can only order 3 Discover Packs. Only 1 Discovery Pack can be ordered at a time, but please come back and discover some new products the next time you shop!

Should I tell my friends about this?

Only if you want them to be forever beholden to you.