The Abe's Market Seller Fulfillment Program

How We Work
The Details
  • We provide a single shopping location for buyers seeking great natural products and sellers, like you, looking to build audience and grow their sales.
  • Buyers buy products online from one or more sellers and pay us directly. We send an order to each seller - who can log in and print out the order.
  • The order, with a pick slip, a gift message, and a shipping label, comes on a single 8x11 sheet.
  • We prefer you use our recommended perfectly sized and perforated labels. The label has a pre-printed shipping label, an optional gift message and a pick slip — you peel off the shipping label and put it on the outside of the box and put the gift message and pick slip inside along with the products.
  • You select your carrier preference (USPS, UPS, FedEX) and have them on a daily pickup or, if convenient, drop it off at a local drop-off location — once carrier scans the package, both you and the shopper get notified automatically. You will be managing all orders through your personal Abe's Market dashboard, and shipping on our accounts.
  • You can choose to use your own shipping method (and print out your own labels) or one of the carriers and rates we provide for you and we will send you label and information to print. For both scenarios, the seller is responsible for the cost of payment.
  • We pay you 85% of the retail price you listed, less the cost of shipping the items to the shopper. The shipping cost is a direct pass through so you will be billed at the discounted rates that Abe's Market receives from the carriers.
  • Shipping cost for each order will be determined by the weight of the items you are shipping and the recipient's zip code. This model favors low weight/high value products.
  • We make payments on the 10th day of the month, unless these days appear on a holiday or weekend, for all shipped product orders from the preceding month. Payment goes directly into your bank account, no waiting for checks in the mail.
  • Products can be included in aggregated marketing, which may include email, social and on-site features.
  • Assortment reviews will happen quarterly and if sales metrics do not reach satisfaction or seller defaults on keeping account in good standing, possible termination may occur.
  • Have Questions?
    Contact or call us at 888-636-9898