Frequently Asked Questions


What is Abe's Market?

Abe's Market is a marketplace to discover fantastic natural products. We help consumers understand what is in the products and meet the passionate people who make them.

What is natural?

Great question. It's important to us, so we took a bit of space to talk about it. Take a look at what we think in What is Natural.                         

Who is the team behind Abe's Market?

Co-founders Jon Polin and Richard Demb are passionate natural product users who bring a wealth of experience across start-up and Fortune 500 companies to this venture. An all-star team and an advisory board with deep industry experience complement them. Please see Team.

How can I learn more about the sellers?

To learn more about a seller, please see their seller page, which can be reached from any of their product descriptions or from the Sellers' Stories tab on most pages. You can contact the seller directly from their seller page with any questions, comments or compliments.

How can I connect with sellers?

Please see their seller page to contact them via email, and we will be unveiling a chat feature very soon to help easily connect buyers and sellers.       

Who is Abe?

A great man. See Who is Abe to learn about him and why he inspires us.

What is the Shop Relaxed guarantee?

Our goal is to make trying new products fun, relaxing and easy. You have enough chores in your life. Finding better products for your family shouldn't be one of them.

Natural (Scrutinized by Abe's) - We try every product, we test every ingredient. We offer only the ones we love. Have something to say about our choice? Let us know!

Best Price Pledge - Found the same product for less elsewhere? Please get in touch with our customer service team and we will happily refund the difference.

Easy-Peasy Returns - 60 days to return an item - no hassle, no fuss, no questions asked. Just drop a line!

No Strings Attached Shipping - We think it should be easy to get products into your home that you'll feel good about owning, so we made our shipping costs pretty darn straight-forward:
For orders above $59.00 $49.00, shipping is free. (Yes, free.)
For orders below $59.00 $49.00, shipping is $4.99, no matter how many sellers you order from.

Call or email us at 520-917-8000 or with any and all questions, comments and feedback.

What is the difference between buying as a guest and as a registered user?

We understand that some people don't want to take the time to register (even though there is a world of perks for those who do) so we provide an option to check out as a guest. They both take the same time for your first checkout but, as a registered user, we can make your next checkout faster and easier by storing your billing information and shipping information.

I'm a registered user and can't remember my username or password. What should I do?

Not a problem. Please go to the login page and click on "Forgot Your Password?" and we will email you a replacement password to the email you registered with on the site.

I'm a registered user. How do I change my personal information, such as shipping and/or billing information?

Not a problem. Please login to your account (via Log In on the top navigation bar) and you will see the option to edit personal information.

Where can I connect with other Abe's Market enthusiasts?

Please join our vibrant & interactive communities on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and engage in the conversation and connect with other lovers of natural! Abe's Market will also be launching a community forum as well to help Abe's Market enthusiasts interact, learn from each other, and exchange great tales of natural products.

How do I give feedback on the Abe's Market site?

We love feedback. If you have ideas, suggestions, dreams, or even complaints or frustrations with the site, please send us your thoughts via the ‘Share Your Thoughts' link on the home page.

How do I rate or review a product I purchased?

Once you are logged in please go to the product page of the product you purchased and fill out the review form at the bottom of the page. Thank you for only reviewing products you've used.

How do I recommend additional products I'd like to see on Abe's Market?

We look forward to hearing your ideas. Please email us from the Contact Us link on the bottom navigation bar.                                                    

Do you only sell to US residents?

Unfortunately at this time we only ship to destination addresses in the contiguous 48 states. We are working on enabling a broader audience to enjoy Abe's Market.

What is your privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Page for all the information on this one.


How much does shipping cost?

We think it should be easy to get products into your home that you'll feel good about owning, so we made our shipping costs pretty darn straight-forward:

For orders of $59.00 $49.00 or higher, shipping is free. (Yes, free.)
For orders below $59.00 $49.00, shipping is a flat $4.99, no matter how many sellers you order from. So go crazy. Remember, if you hit $59.00 $49.00 for your order, shipping is on us.
Most orders ship via USPS. A few sellers ship via UPS. Either way, you can track your package once it leaves the Seller's location.

Expedited shipping may also be available for an additional fee. We'll provide additional details in the checkout process. For additional information, please contact customer support.

How will my order be shipped?

Because some products ship directly from Sellers and others get sent from Abe's warehouse, your products may arrive in separate packages on different days. Your package may arrive with Fedex, USPS, or UPS, depending on origin. Regardless of where they come from or the shipping method, you only pay a small flat fee ... unless you qualify for free shipping (if you spend $49.00 or more). Oh, and we only ship to the Lower 48 States (for now), so we apologize if you live in Hawaii or Alaska. (But watch for those states to be added soon!)

We do our very best to estimate when your shipments will arrive, based on many factors, but we can't guarantee these dates. Please note that isolated shipments to some rural areas may take longer to arrive, depending on carrier.

When do products ship?

Every seller provides a timeframe for how long it takes them to ship orders. This timeframe, which ranges from 6 hours to three days, is shown on the product page.

Will all products from one order arrive at the same time?

Because each seller ships their own products, products may very well arrive on different days. You can track each shipment separately via the tracking number provided on the email from the seller.

Can I ship to more than one address?

At this time we can only ship to one address per order. We know it is a pain, but we ask you to ship an order then go ahead and load up your cart a second time for the next address and so on and so forth.

Can I get products shipped outside of the US?

We want to spread the natural love around the world and hope to do so soon, but for now we limit shipping to within the contiguous 48 states.


To whom am I paying when I buy products on Abe's Market?

We are trying to make the shopping experience as easy as possible on Abe's Market. Even when you shop from several of our sellers you only need to check out once. We at Abe's Market charge your credit card and are the merchant of record. We then pass your order on to the seller who then ships it from their facility.

Do I need to pay sales tax on purchases?

Each state has their own sales tax laws and sellers can choose to charge sales tax based on their state's requirements. Generally, you pay sales tax on products shipped to you from within your state. We know, it is not in keeping with the "buy local" movement, but it is beyond our control


How Can I Return a Product?

We're so sorry you weren't satisfied with your product. We never like to disappoint anyone (our moms taught us to make people happy), so we are happy to accept returns within 60 days of your purchase. To return your product, please find the return contact information in your confirmation and shipping emails as well as on the packing slip that arrived in the box. Sometimes that will be directly to the product's manufacturer; other times it will come back to Abe's warehouse. You will see a difference in that information on your packing slip and confirmation email.

While we can't cover the shipping cost for the return, please do reach out to us if you don't hear from the seller within 2 business days or if you are having other issues. You can always reach us at or 888-636-9898.

Seller-specific Questions

Who can sell on Abe's Market?

Any company that makes impressive natural products that fit into one of our core categories and is excited about connecting with their customers is invited to apply to sell on Abe's Market. Get more details at Why Join Abe's Market.

Why should I sell my natural products on Abe's Market?

Abe's Market is providing a destination for consumers who are looking for great natural products. Selling with us is like renting a store on 5th Ave (only better because we don't charge rent) - the buyers are already here to find your products. Tell your story to customers who are looking to meet the people behind their products. We can help grow your business online and offline. We provide interaction with experts in retailing, design, marketing – all with the goal of helping you build your business. We also encourage our community of sellers to interact and learn from each other. We only make money when you do. There are no listing or upfront fees. We charge a percentage of the retail price. No need for you to hassle with shippers or payment processing - we handle all of that as well. For more on the benefits of selling on Abe's please visit Why Join Abe's Market.

I want to sell on Abe's Market. How do I get started?

Please apply via the link on Why Join Abe's Market.                                                                                                                                                      

As a registered seller, where do I get data on how my store is performing?

Every seller has access to a range of analytics on their store. Once you signup we will direct you to the range of information we provide each of our sellers.