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  • No, we do not offer coupon codes. Check our TryFor$2 and Stock Up for great deals!
  • Each state has their own sales tax laws and sellers can choose to charge sales tax based on their state's requirements. Generally, you pay sales tax on products shipped to you from within your state.


  • TryFor$2 goodness always ships for free — up to three items a day! Otherwise, we offer free shipping on orders of $49.00+. Feel free to combine TryFor$2 items with Stock Up and Marketplace items — we'll cover shipping on your combined order of $49.00+.
  • Please contact Customer Service before you complete your product survey so we can make it right! You can reach us at (888) 636-9898 or Support@AbesMarket.com.
  • Your package may arrive with USPS or UPS depending on the weight and size. You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your order ships!

    We do our very best to estimate when your shipments will arrive, based on many factors, but we can't guarantee these dates. Please note that isolated shipments to some rural areas may take longer to arrive, depending on carrier.

  • Most goodies will ship from the Chicagoland warehouse in 1-2 days, but some orders ship from the dropship sellers directly. Please allow up to one week for your order to arrive. We know waiting is tough, we like to bide our time watching Seinfeld re-runs… In either case, you’ll be updated through email when your order ships! More questions about your order tracking? Please contact Customer Service (888) 636-9898 or Support@AbesMarket.com.

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The Program


  • Well, that would be a bummer. We know things happen, so we'll give you 6 chances to send us your feedback, plus you can log into your account to rate your products. If we start feeling neglected, though, we'll send you an email letting you know you're about to lose access to the program — so don't leave us hanging!
  • In order to keep bringing in the very best products, we need to know more about you. When you make your first purchase we'll ask you a few questions about yourself. Then, after you receive your products we'll follow up with a few questions about your experience. Your feedback is what keeps this program going — and we never share your private information with anyone.
  • Your name and details will never be shared with the brand but your survey answers will be combined with everyone else's and shared with brands anonymously. The brands will make important decisions based on what you have to say, so speak your mind!
  • We will only share demographic information in aggregate form. Your private information will be kept completely anonymous and your privacy completely protected. We're cool like that.

The Program

  • Products you loved in the TryFor$2 program find their way to Stock Up — there, you can buy more at a 20% discount.
  • Nope! Just like in TryFor$2, items in Stock Up are always changing. Stock Up items are only available at 20% off until they sell out, so don't procrastinate!
  • The best way to stay informed is to sign up for our emails. If you order a TryFor$2 product we'll also let you know via email when that item is available in Stock Up. Liking us on Facebook isn't a bad idea, either. Otherwise, if you want to visit us here every single day we'd be happy to see you!
  • Most products make their way to Stock Up one week after they were in TryFor$2, but occasionally they are not available. To re-purchase a TryFor$2 item that is not available in Stock Up, log into your account and visit the My TryFor$2 page. There you will find links to where you can purchase those items.
  • Like all good things, Stock Up must come to an end for our products. But we still want you to be able to buy the things you love, so we've partnered with some other sites to offer them to you. If you click those links and make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. You get your products, our brands sell their stuff and we make a few bucks — everybody wins!