IDEA #4 Brunch Better

Sweet Greens
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Jennie Lyon
WHY Jennie Lyon is showing us the way to brunch better. Glittery get-togethers and giant family meals are an integral part of the holidays...but don't let them overwhelm the beautiful morning moments of a simple, delicious brunch. Go the easy, healthy and yummy route with some of the fabulous pre-made mixes found below - or take your sweet time and go fancy, from scratch. Satisfy your sweet tooth Jennie-style - with some pancakes and chai. Either way - we're morning people - here at Abe's, and the holidays are no exception.
ABOUT JENNIE Jennie Lyon writes the award-winning green lifestyle blog Sweet Greens, which is a curated guide to raising a family that is happy, healthy, and green. Jennie posts about simple, fun ways that families can go green together. Sweet Greens is full of organic recipes, recycled DIY projects, eco-friendly activities, and green tips. Jennie also writes sustainable living posts for Cascadian Farm, Inhabitots, Applegate Farms, and is a member of the Target Inner Circle. Jennie lives in a beachside community in Florida just a short bicycle ride to the beach with her fabulous husband and 11-year-old son.
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“I love to curl up on a cool, crisp fall morning with piping hot cup of chai tea, my favorite blanket, and have a great conversation with my husband. It’s the perfect way to start the day!”