IDEA #2: Eco Hosting

Amanda Hearn
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Amanda Hearn
WHY The guests will soon be arriving and the temptation to go 'traditional' and skip the eco-gear during the holidays has probably already crossed your mind, but there is no need to sacrifice convenience and function when keeping things green. Try these simple tips to keep your guests happy and your eco-conscience clear!
ABE'S ADDS Hosting a whole bunch of people for a meal or two can have surprisingly major environmental effects. From the disposables to the cleaning materials - there are plenty of choices that have impacts on the health of your home and the size of your carbon footprint. Less is more and we’re talking pesticides, harmful chemicals and other nasties. And hey, unless you have a bunch of elves doing it for you - we think post-hosting-cleaning should be done quicker than you can say “Biodegradable”. See our picks bellow for all you might need from cleaning to dishware (spoiler alert: reduce, reuse, recycle comes into play).
ABOUT AMANDA A stay-at-home mother of three fantastic children and wife to an awesome husband, Amanda approaches green living from a practical, modern perspective. For her, it’s all about living a healthy life. On The Eco-Friendly Family she discusses important topics like getting fit, composting, cloth diapers, safe products, and tips on reducing chemical exposure - to name a few.
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Abe's picks for Eco Hosting