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Natural Baby Products & Natural Kids Products
The moment of birth, their sweet cry, their full smile, when they wrap their little fingers around your pointer, their first steps, the moment you realize they are a toddler now, their mispronounced words, their first tooth, potty training, training wheels, their first day of school…. Watching your child grow is nothing short of miraculous. From the first time you lay eyes on your baby, all you want to do is take care of them and keep them safe, and make sure they have everything they need to develop into healthy and strong adults. Just as you worry about them crossing the street, or fitting in and making friends, or making sure their shoes fit right, or even just every time they get gum stuck in their hair, you also worry that they are getting the nutrients they need and that what goes into and on their body is gentle and soft, nurturing and nourishing and free of harmful agents, harsh chemicals and pesticides. In fact, because a baby’s immune system is less developed than an adult’s, babies are more vulnerable to the products that go in and on their bodies. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that the products your kids interact with are free of harsh chemicals and carcinogens? Abe’s Market selects only the highest quality natural products for our baby and kids category because we have children of our own, and we know what is more precious than our children. Nothing.