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What to Know when Shopping for
Natural & Organic Bedding
There is nothing better than falling back on soft, cotton bed sheets after a busy day of work or chasing around the kids. Just thinking about those smooth sheets makes us want to head off to dreamland! But, the next time you cozy up in bed you may want to think about what your bedding is actually made of. Toxins seem to show up all over the home, don’t they? Well, toxic chemicals are especially prevalent in the room we spend most of our time in—the bedroom.

Most conventional bedding products, like cotton sheets for example, are manufactured with chemicals that lead to certain cancers and allergy problems. One of the most toxic substances used in bed sheet manufacturing is formaldehyde—a known cancer-causing agent. Conventional bedding companies use this chemical for wrinkle reducing. We don’t know about you, but we would much rather sleep on wrinkled sheets and pillowcases (or have to iron them!) than breathe in this nerve-damaging, headache-causing chemical for 8 hours every night. Not only do these chemicals hurt our health, but they harm the environment too. The conventional cotton used to make bed linens contain pesticides and synthetic fertilizers which are known to contaminate groundwater. Do you need more reasons to switch to natural bedding, organic bedding, organic sheets, pillows and mattresses? We didn’t think so.

Instead of sleeping in a pool of chemicals and breathing in their fumes every night, you can make the switch to natural and organic bedding for a much more peaceful slumber. Our oh-so-soft organic bed sheets are made of natural fibers and 100% vegan materials. We even carry organic cotton sheets if you like that cool, silky feeling against your skin. Our organic buckwheat hull pillows are soft and bleach-free, while our natural latex pillows and organic mattresses will offer firm support for years to come. All of this pillow talk makes us think it’s time for a chemical-free nap. Goodnight!