Awaken Cleanser Organic Gel Cleanser (2 oz)

Why we love it: A fresh blend of neroli and sweet orange revives and nourishes all skin types.

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"Love it!" - Julia Johnsen
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Awaken Cleanser Organic Gel Cleanser (2 oz)
Awaken Cleanser Organic Gel Cleanser (2 oz) Awaken Cleanser Awaken Cleanser Organic Gel Cleanser (2 oz) Video
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About this product: A fresh blend of neroli and sweet orange revives and nourishes all skin types.

The Awaken Line embodies the Wood element and encourages new beginnings, growth, vision and benevolence.

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Question: Hello - I am a little confuse on the usage of this cleanser - do i wash my face after using this or not ? See Answer
nancy (Chicago, IL)


Alcohol Free ▸
Made with Essential Oils ▸
Casein Free ▸
Non-Toxic ▸
CFC Free ▸
Organic ▸
Chlorine Free ▸
Paraben Free ▸
Cruelty Free ▸
Pesticide Free ▸
Dye and Color-Additive Free ▸
Petroleum Free ▸
GMO Free ▸
Phthalate Free ▸
Made by Hand ▸
SLS Free ▸
Made in the USA ▸
Woman-Owned Business ▸


Certified Vegan (Vegan Action) ▸
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Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut*, Olive* & Jojoba*, Vegetable Gum / Glycerin Extract, Organic Aloe Vera*, Rosemary Extract, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Bupleurum Radix*, Organic Angelica Sinensis Radix*, Organic Paeoniae Alba Radix*, Organic Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma*, Poria, Organic Glycerrhizae Radix*, Organic Schisandrae Fructus*, Organic Lycii Fructus*, Organic Astragali Radix*, Organic Fructus Crataegii*, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil*, Organic Petigrain Essential Oil*, Carrot Seed Essential Oil* and Organic Neroli Essential Oil*, Awaken Flower Essence Blend.


  1. "Love it" — Julia Johnsen

    Gentle cleanser that I can't live without.

  2. "Love it!" — Julia Johnsen

    Does a great job of cleaning my face without making it feeling dry afterwards.

  3. "Orange grove gel cleanser" — NATALIE F.

    This cleanser is very nice and has a stimulating orangey smell. It's a gel and it cleanses/foams much like a castile soap due to the saponified oils in it. I felt like it got my skin clean, but it left me a little too tight sometimes and made me wish it were a bit more moisturizing. I probably need something like a cross between a gel and a cream cleanser for my combo skin.  More (+)

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