Clear Skin Set • 3 Pack

Why we love it: Free Booklet, "Clear Skin Now: A Whole-Body Approach to Acne," is included in the set. If you are l... read more >
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Clear Skin Set - 3 Pack
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About this product: Free Booklet, "Clear Skin Now: A Whole-Body Approach to Acne," is included in the set. If you are looking for an effective, natural approach to clear skin, this set is for you.

The Oatmeal Face Wash, Advanced Argan Serum, and Spot Treat combo is the natural and organic way to get your blemish prone skin back on track.  +More

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3 questions have been answered:

Question: My 18 year old son has bad cystic acne, he has been off Accutane for about 2 weeks now and his acne is already coming back, is there anything you could suggest for him to try? See Answer
Michelle (Muskegon, MI)
Question: is the serum a moisturizer? or need to use a separate one? See Answer
Debra (westchester ny)
Question: Is this safe for pregnant women? I have very sensitive skin and acne with this pregnancy. See Answer
Cara (Baltimore md)


Alcohol Free ▸
Made in the USA ▸
Biodegradable ▸
Made with Essential Oils ▸
BPA Free ▸
Natural ▸
Casein Free ▸
Non-Toxic ▸
CFC Free ▸
Organic ▸
Chlorine Free ▸
Paraben Free ▸
Concentrated ▸
Pesticide Free ▸
Cruelty Free ▸
Petroleum Free ▸
Dye and Color-Additive Free ▸
Phthalate Free ▸
Fair Trade ▸
Safe for Septic Tank ▸
Family-Owned Business ▸
SLS Free ▸
Fragrance Free ▸
Supports Charity ▸
GMO Free ▸
Hypoallergenic ▸
Woman-Owned Business ▸
No Certifications


Oatmeal Facial Wash for Oily & Acne Prone Skin: , Certified Organic Ingredients: . sucrose, colloidal oatmeal, rice powder, aloe vera, rose, lavender, comfrey, angelica, rosehip, birch bark, turmeric & acacia gum. (4 oz), , Certified Argan Acne Serum:, oil: argan, essential oils: blue chamomile, clary sage, grapefruit, juniper, lavender, mandarin. (1 fl. oz.), , Certified Spot Treatment:, Organic Ingredients: palmarosa, niaouli, jojoba wax ester, lavender, grapefruit, cypress, peppermint, clary sage, & bergamot. (.34 fl. oz), , Nothing else added-nothing else needed. , , Like all our products these are all Paraben, Chemical, Soy, Gluten, Glycerin, and Mineral Oil Free, , made in USA: Littleton, CO 80125. No animal testing ever!

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