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Natural Soap Loaves
Do you hate running low on your favorite soap? Conventional bars of soap seem to be shrinking, plus they’re full of unpronounceable chemicals and other toxic ingredients. Check out the awesome natural soap loaves at Abe’s Market, big enough to cover every bathroom in your house for a good long while. Imagine a 9, 10 or even 45-ounce log of soap that you can cut at your convenience — some of our natural soap loaves even come with a cutter and board. These soaps contain a world of plants for amazing natural ingredients that will leave your skin clean, soft and healthy. The bases of our soaps are plant oils like olive, coconut and palm — each a fabulous cleanser and moisturizer. Choose from a huge range of fragrances created by herbs, fruits or essential oils: berry, sandalwood, lavender and sweet almond are just a few of our top scents.