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Organic Authority

"Why do I heart Abe’s Market so much? Because now I can shop from one online retailer and order some of my favorite hard-to-find natural and organic ingredients, snacks and healthy living products"


""It’s too expensive." "I don't have a store near me." "I don't know if I'll like it." If you're not already buying natural and organic products, chances are you've muttered one of those phrases before. Abe’s Market, an natural online retailer, has heard it all, and they came out with a solution suited for you."

Living Maxwell

"Therefore, to have a service like this will be a great resource for me and for many other shoppers as well. This is particularly the case because I trust the curation ability of Abe’s Market."


"And now Abe's Market is taking its mission a step further by investing in some of the businesses on its marketplace. Mistral Equity Partners, a New York private equity firm, recently provided $20 million in funding, $10 million of which will go into Abe's own mini-VC fund that will invest directly in their own suppliers and other natural product businesses that apply through the site."

Fox Business

"Organic e-commerce site takes a chance on its sellers."

Fox Business

"Abe’s Market hopes to seed growth for organic foods."


"Abe's Market Puts Its Money Where Your Mouth Is."


"Green for Green."

The New York Daily News

"It's the perfect gift for dads who want their brew — and eat it, too."

The Wall Street Journal

"Chicago-based Abe’s Market is tapping into the growing interest in healthy lifestyle, natural and organic foods, via its online store, where the company sells packaged food, beauty and other products."

Bloomberg TV

"Richard Demb, co-founder of Abe's Market, discusses the natural food industry and how the company competes with Whole Foods. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's 'Taking Stock.'"

The View

"Check out this amazing clip from The View starting at the 3:00 minute mark."

You & Me This Morning

"Kimberly Grayson from Abe’s Market showcases a whole slew of great game day treats and libations for putting a little “kick” into your football party."

Teen Vogue

"Newsflash! Charcoal Is Amazing for Oily Skin—and Here's Your Rock-Solid Shopping List"

The Stir

"From adorable onesies for your little munchkin and reusable supplies for the bathroom and kitchen to an eco-friendly handbag and trendy scarves for you -- there's something at Abe's Market for everyone on your holiday list."

Green Child Magazine

"Abe’s Market is pretty much everything we look for in any type of store, whether online or brick-and-mortar."

Internet Retailer

"What helped land these and the other e-retailers on the Hot 100 is they focus on their customers and endeavor to give them exactly what they want. In Amazon’s case, that’s selection and speed. For Abe’s Market, a retailer of eco-friendly goods, that’s information."


"Thanksgivukkah: 10 Tips to Celebrate the Dual Holiday"


"There is no shortage of dirty truths surrounding the holidays, and this year AbesMarket.com is dishing out as many as possible to inspire healthier and greener living."


"November 18 Questions: Richard Demb, Founder AbesMarket.com"

Sun Times

"For those that want to bring the indelible spa experience into their home, consider Abe’s Market, the go-to purveyor of all things natural."


"Take a hint from online retailer Abe's Market, whose pinup-inspired "Dishing Dirty" campaign combines conscious shopping, mindful eating, and waste reduction with a hefty dose of sarcasm and cheeky witticism."

Chicago Tribune

"To AbesMarket.com, Green Toys checks all the right boxes: Toys made from recycled materials? Check. Manufactured in the United States? Check. Eco-friendly packaging with little, if any, tape, staples or twist ties? Check."

Mother Nature Network

"Abe's Market has put together this nifty infographic showing which toxic ingredients to watch out for this month, and every month."


"Avoid these toxic ingredients lurking in many personal care products."

Mother Nature Network

"Can private industry solve the Dead Sea disaster it created?"

Direct Marketing News

"In this melding of commerce and content, Abe's may have stumbled upon a format that may be more customizable, and therefore more satisfying, to its customers than even magazines like Food & Wine."


"6 Awesome Natural Food & Beauty Trends"

Trib Magazine

"Ultra-eco emphasis on eats."


"Startup NakedSea, in a partnership with natural foods purveyor AbesMarket.com, plans to sell a variety of flavored and infused salts, all originally sourced from the Dead Sea."

Pando Daily

"It’s getting real in the Abe’s Market content lot."

Internet Retailer

"E-retailers are learning that they don’t have to scream about social media on their e-commerce sites to use it effectively."


"Girl & the Goat chef Stephanie Izard brings "the Flavor" in a new line of pantry products, now available at the Abe's Market online marketplace."


"Abe's Market, a Chicago-based e-commerce site dedicated to natural food and beauty items, is teaming up with celeb chef Stephanie Izard to sell her new line of gourmet sauces and rubs."


"The Flavor by Stephanie Izard Now at Abe's Market"


"This Website Will Change Your Life — Literally!"

You & Me This Morning

"A one-stop shop for all things organic, AbesMarket.com is your online destination for health food as well as homecare, beauty and pet supply products."


"AbesMarket.com founders Jon Polin and Richard Demb have long recognized the need for better cohesiveness in the natural living industry, and launched the natural and organic e-commerce company in 2009 to tackle the issue head on."

Chicago Tribune

"Online retail startup Abe's Market is launching a new feature in Chicago where it rewards customers for trying local, eco-friendly businesses.”

Crain's Chicago

"AbesMarket.com, an online marketplace for natural products, launched Abe's Services last week — identifying Chicagoland's “best lifestyle enhancing service providers.”

Mother Nature Network

"Abe’s Market is taking this Internet shopping perk to a new level this week with the launch of the 'Just One Action' campaign."


"Let’s give props to natural online retailer Abe's Market that recently launched a Tumblr page tailored for younger female demographics."


"So much of the “healthy living” rhetoric can seem either way too stringent or way too woo-woo-hippie, out there, but Abe’s Market’s visuals strike a perfect cheeky-yet-intelligent tone."

Huffington Post

"Abe's Market, an online eco-retailer, recently launched a new Tumblr called Dishing Dirty highlighting what they call "the filthy truths of the modern woman."

Pregnancy & Newborn

"Purveyor of natural products for baby, home and more."

The Stir

"They've got loads of natural and organic clothes, furniture, slings, toys, and all the luscious botanical lotions and balms you could possibly want -- for baby and for mama."

Time Out Chicago

"A virtual Whole Foods—with an even wider selection."

Pop Sugar

"A great resource for "green" mamas and papas to find everything they need for the little one on-the-way.."

Internet Retailer

"Abe’s Market, an online marketplace that specializes in natural and organic products that include food, baby products and clothes, has a new chief revenue officer."

Fast Company

"Abe’s Market Aims To Be Amazon of Natural Products, With a Human Touch."


"Want Organic, Hypoallergenic, Fair Trade Goods? They’re Easier to Find Than You’d Think."


"Abe's Market sells more than 11,000 food, baby, hygiene, home, fashion and pet care items with a healthy, environmentally conscious focus."

Supermarket News

"Visit the Abe’s website and there are plenty of compatriots to talk to, and all the information anyone could want about a product, no matter how obscure."

New Hope 360

"Abe’s Market offers its customers a more personal approach to shopping."

Huffington Post

"If you prefer a food-based gift basket, try one from Abe’s Market for organic, eco-friendly treats."

New York Times

"Abe's is a throwback to a world before globalization, to a time when economies were local and transactions were slow, face-to-face and personal."


"Relish discovering natural products..."


"AbesMarket.com allows you to meet the people behind locally produced and environmentally friendly products."

Entrepreneur Magazine

"Abe's Market, an online hub for natural products that focuses on telling the stories behind the small businesses they partner with."


"For every product that (Abe's Market) sells, there's a story behind the company that produces it—why the founders created the company, where the ingredients come from, etc."

Lucky Magazine

"An excellent eco-site stocked with everything from organic food to natural beauty products."

Cool Mom Picks

"The lovely site has a modern, clean, online farmer's market feel, with... the kinds of things you just love browsing, trying out, and hoping that you've discovered something fabulous and new."

Eco Fabulous

"An online retailer that embraces the innovations of our age while staying true to the essence of small marketplaces - a sort of nouveau mom and pop shop. Abe’s is concerned with ethics, quality, and nurturing community not turning a quick profit."

Tech Crunch

"What I like about Abe's Market so much is the focus on the origin of the products...and the attention that is given the story and the people behind them."


"For one-stop green shopping, Abe's Market is the place to click on over to. I found a lot of cool stuff!"

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