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My company began while I was walking through the woods. My name is Laura Bergman, and I have lived in the Pennsylvania Amish Country my whole life and am a life-long avid collector of antique glass bottles. So common in this beautiful part of the country are the countless old glass and bottle dumps throughout the wooded habitats and rural farmlands. That's simply what was done with the broken glass and used bottles back them. They were tossed into a designated spot in the woods, or on the farm, oten at the edges of fields or just at the edge of a hill and thrown over.

As a life-long collector, I have spent countless hours poking through these old dumps looking for the next treasure to bring home and put on my windowsill. I love this old glass, and love to see the light shining through the beautiful, thick old wavy glass.

One day while on a dig, I noticed a mother doe and her baby fawn laying nearby. Of course, after they caught my scent they were up and away and I was stuck by the realization that the fawn had been laying on the jagged remains of an antique bottle. My eyes had always passed over the broken pieces, never even registering in my mind.

It was then and there I decided to do something better and set out on a new mission. I began bringing home the broken pieces instead, and after a lot of trial and error, creative energy and plain old hard work, what has emerged is a remarkable line of jewelry from this reclaimed antique glass, Bottled Up Designs.

As a life long collector I take joy in preparing for each piece "The Story of the Glass" sharing the history and age behind each piece used.

A truly unique way to "preserve history, while helping the future"!

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