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At Earnest Eats we're striving to bring an authentic and straightforward approach to food. Powered by the delicious nourishment of whole foods, our snacks are hand-crafted for an amazing, fresh baked flavor experience. No spray-on vitamins or protein powders, we just let the ingredients be themselves.

We use whole food ingredients that provide exceptional nutrition and extraordinary flavor. Our products look, smell, and taste amazing because they're naturally that way. We use real fruit, nuts, seeds in all of our bars and bake with nutritious and delicious roasted almond butter.

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What inspires you?
What doesn’t inspire us? I see inspiration everywhere – on our travels, in our conversations with our friends, family, and in all of our connections, especially with the people that touch our company and our foods. I really see a positive trend in so many people striving to eat healthier and be smarter about their food and lifestyle choices – a consciousness rising and in no way is it still isolated as people used to think it was to just the west coast. This is what inspires me as we think about our foods, how we touch our community and how we act as a team. For example, we are working on the world’s first refuge harvested bar – our Double Chocolate Refuge Harvest – a mashup of our desire to help our friends and their cause at the International Rescue Committee, a global non-profit, and a sustainable, healthy bar made with real food ingredients that is absolutely delicious!
What is your favorite part about creating your products?
The creativity is a riot – any time I see a fun new twist on a restaurant menu or at the farmer’s market – it causes me to make new connections that we are bringing to life in our new foods, and we have our R&D friends, including my own father in the kitchen, baking them up for the team to try. Really, really the funnest part of what we do. I would invite Abe’s market’ audience to throw their thoughts at us to – what would they like to see from a natural foods company like ours?
What is the toughest part of your day?
Anytime we have production issues! No, making our foods is not rocket science but sometimes you would think it is – actually using real food ingredients like our almond butter and organic oats – and making everything in small batches, makes for difficulties you just wouldn’t expect. Like weather there have been enough bees in California to help the almond trees pollinate enough to make this season’s almond harvest, and hence our almond butter, available when we need it and at a price that allows us to maintain our market price. We just don’t flex on the quality of our ingredients and how our foods are made – remember we eat and our families them all the time too!
What was the best day in company history?
The first time I was out at an event public and a person told me they really enjoyed our foods. Or last year when Vegetarian Times gave us their Foodie Award – just nice affirmations that people are enjoying what you are doing is fulfilling. And of course the day Abe’s Market decided to carry us  I really find these personal connections to be the whole point – any brand can grow large or famous but the real fulfilling part is meeting individuals and hearing what they think – which is why I love social media – really giving us a chance to hear, interact and engage more than we ever could even five years ago.
What was the biggest decision you ever had to make?
For many of us at Earnest Eats, our biggest decision was leaving cushy jobs at large companies to invest everything in pursuit our dream – for example I was head of marketing at Kashi for 11 years – so that we could bring a higher level of food, creativity, health and fun that we just weren’t seeing out there. At Earnest Eats it may be using clear packaging – almost no one does it because most every packaged food doesn’t look good enough to do it – the packaging makes their foods look bigger, cheaper, and gives more room for the marketing spin, while hiding broken, chipped or otherwise unattractive food. I’m so happy we did it as it’s what most people say first brought them into our brand – seeing these beautiful real food energy bars that are clearly baked with care and awesome ingredients.
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
We want to be changing the conversation about food – not so dang serious, a little more fun, but with a serious expectation of fantastic, delicious, more sustainable, amazingly healthy food becoming the norm more than the exception. We know we’re just a small part of the big picture, but with our little voice and creativity we have a number of exciting new food creations we hope to share over the next five years. Being vegan or wheat-free like we are shouldn’t be such an exception in the market! Stay tuned, and we invite anyone to join our earnest eats club via earnesteats.com or like us on our facebook page to stay in the loop, or get involved.
Our Favorite Song
Take Me To Funky Town
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Our Favorite Product Besides Our Own
Pannikin Coffee Carrot Cake
Our Favorite Quote
"We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams"
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