Our Story

Jody is a practitioner of yoga and has dedicated her life to promoting peace in the world and in her personal life. A product of activist parents, Jody found herself searching for something more- not the peace her parents fought, which pitted the good side against the bad side; in her gut she felt that as long as there are sides, there can be no peace. Jody took some of her righteous anger from a first marriage, a politically divided nation, and a violent world and decided that she wanted to take Madison Avenue dollars to teach about real collaborative giving. She wanted to foster discussions and raise awareness about real urgent human rights issues affecting women in all parts of the world.

Jody first wanted to name her company "revolution cosmetics" because she thought the world needed a revolution in thinking about what real love was… but another company owned the trademark. Then one night she dreamed about peacekeeper. She dreamed that it wasn’t just a cosmetics line: it was a movement. How does a real, true woman of peace, a peacekeeper, live? What does she wear? What does she do with her time? She saw in this dream that women around the world wanted the same thing… and the words, which appear on the sides of the lipstick carton appeared: freedom, joy, wisdom, voice and esteem, in every major language of the world. She saw in this dream borders and flags of nations melting away and women feeding each others' children instead of fighting for food.
Jody envisioned, through this company, women and men would learn deep respect for each other. She envisioned no more patriarchy and no more matriarchy, but humanity finally emerging as true equals with deep respect for one another.

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Get to Know Us

What inspires you?
I am inspired by courage and by people who transcend challenges. People who turn a difficult situation into a transformative one and those that give more than they take.
What is your favorite part about creating your products?
I love that we source our materials from third world countries, and I love channeling the voice of a wise and compassionate woman through our brand. Being able to take our company and use it to give women who would otherwise not be heard, a voice.
What is the toughest part of your day?
The toughest part of my day is marrying the transcendent nature of empathy and philanthropy and sustainable goods with cold hard capitalism.
What was the best day in company history?
The day we were able to give a $10,000 donation to 30 homeless children to sustain them for a year with food, education, clothing, and medication.
What was the biggest decision you ever had to make?
I wrote a screenplay regarding female genital mutilation in 1998, and I had to decide on using my resources for producing that film or producing a consumer brand that would fund the poorest of the poor and ultimately decided that PeaceKeeper would have more long term and global reach.
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
I see PeaceKeeper being a global brand with us owning sustainable factories in third world countries that provide micro credit loans and job opportunities for the families who pick our raw ingredients.
Our Favorite Song
Van Morrison - Moondance
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Anywhere the ocean meets the sand
Our Favorite Product Besides Our Own
Accessible, sustainable drinking water for everyone
Our Favorite Quote
We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. - Carl Jung
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