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RBar Energy was created by athletes with second and third jobs who wanted convenient and delicious energy. Our project started small, experimenting in a home kitchen with different ingredients. During our startup years we broke countless blenders and made 150,000 bars literally by hand. Today RBars are crafted on a larger scale but are still made by us because our mission hasn't changed.

Rmission is to make delicious, healthy energy bars that are easy to eat. RBars have seven recognizable, whole ingredients or less in every bar. And those ingredients are fresh, arriving at our facility from farmers and people we know and trust. We also make every single bar ourselves. And since we never outsource our manufacturing, our recipes and ingredients don't include syrups or fillers.

Rshape. "But why are they round," you're wondering? Well, yes, we do like to be different but there's more to it than that. Have you ever opened a rectangular shaped bar and half of it falls on the ground? RBars are shaped for maximum eating. The way we see it, you purchased a product wanting to enjoy it and every part of an RBar is designed just for that. Ditch the dry, paste-made bars that droop or fall apart, today.

Make the delicious, healthy and easy to eat choice. Make RBar, your bar!

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