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The OOTS! products distinguish themselves from the crowd with refreshing, modern design combined with common sense functionality.

OOTS!’ design savvy first showed with the organic bbibs (bibs with sleeves), melamine dish sets, and the eco-friendly Lunchbox with containers. Recently OOTS! has started to distribute other designer's products from the Netherlands that they feel share that typical, modern yet practical, design sense.

OOTS! was started in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2004 by Arian Roefs (Managing Director) and Godfried Konings (Creative Director), both originally from The Netherlands. They already had their own graphic design studio that they had started in New York, called ARGK. Once their first child was born, they made the step to designing products that are practical and have a modern (Dutch design) look.

The name OOTS! is a tribute to Sjaan, Arian’s mom. Anytime something surprises her, she utters this deadpan expression, and then continues with the business at hand. No-nonsense at all times. It was with Sjaan that OOTS!’ first product, the bbib, originated. Sjaan has been making clothes her whole life, and for her grandchildren she always crafted baby bibs with sleeves, made from terrycloth towels.

OOTS!’s best known product is the eco-friendly Lunchbox, a cool, contemporary lunch box that comes with its own containers. Cleaning is easy and the use of space is optimal with custom containers that comfortably fit inside. The lid of the Lunchbox is shaped to keep a water bottle in place, under an elastic strap. Both kids and adults use the eco-friendly Lunchbox. Re-using the containers eliminates the use of disposable plastic bags, and promotes healthy home made lunches.

The OOTS! Lunchbox has received much press coverage: Oprah’s O List, Good Morning America, Paula Deen, Daily Candy, and Business Week, and many more.

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