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Imagine nature and goodness bottled up with a touch of TLC!
Carolyn Deal founded Sum-Bo-Shine Baby in 2005 out of the love she has for her children and grandchildren. As a cautious and caring mom of the seventies and now as a grandmother, Carolyn strives to use natural and organic products on her loved ones' skin. Her line of natural and organic skin care, hair care and cleansing products for babies reflect her commitment to premium natural and organic ingredients produced with the health of babies in mind. After years of research and trial and error Carolyn decided to take matters into her own hands and Sum-Bo-Shine Baby was born. The company name is taken from her children’s names: Summer (Sum), Rainbow (Bo) and Sunshine (Shine). Sum-Bo-Shine Baby Products are naturally pure products specifically created for nature's most wonderful creation - babies! Her products are Naturally Pure - Certified Vegan - Cruelty Free - Parabens Free - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Free - Mineral Oil Free - Phthalates Free.

Babies have their own sweet smell so Sum-Bo-Shine natural and organic baby products are free of artificial fragrances or dyes. Our products are safe and gentle and will soothe, hydrate and moisturize baby’s delicate skin as well as anyone with sensitive skin issues. Made with natural and USDA certified organic botanicals such as organic aloe, organic roman chamomile, organic coconut oil, organic green tea, organic olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil just to name a few. Sum-Bo-Shine products are organically preserved which mean there are no toxins or synthetic preservatives, just natural goodness as nature intended.


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