Traverse City, Michigan

Our Story

Having a love of the outdoors and the glorious benefits of sunshine, together with a deep interest
in health and the environment, I was led into research of the benefits of natural and organic suncare products. This, together with the fact that I have lost both a brother and a cousin far too early in life to melanoma, ignited the desire to obtain a uniquely healthy option.

Working with 5 independent laboratories, 3 biochemists, 2 photo biologists, and several technical and field researchers, we finally produced a sunscreen that provides:
- effective, stable, high level protection against both UVA and UVB light
- protection against free radical damage and atmospheric toxins
- active natural nutrients to reverse the effects of damage and ensure against future damage
- that every ingredient provides a clear and direct benefit and is not merely a 'filler' or included to 'look good' in the ingredients list

A prime focus of our research has been to find natural ingredients that are also effective in sun protection. An enhanced photo protective effect can be obtained by applying appropriate combinations of antioxidants, which act synergistically. This is basically due to the fact that the cutaneous antioxidant system is complex, interlinked and operates as a network.

The discovery of a unique combination of plant extracts is the key 'hidden secret' to being able to substitute these 'botanicals' for the harmful chemical filters found in almost all sunscreens sold today.


Get to Know Us

What inspires you?
Creativity; beauty in nature; innovation; beautiful music; eco-sustainable projects.
What is your favorite part about creating your products?
Positive feedback from all users - especially children
What is the toughest part of your day?
Not enough time to do everything I would like to do
What was the best day in company history?
Receiving test results for the highest possible UVA protection from the photobiology laboratory, as this proved the power containing within the botanicals.
What was the biggest decision you ever had to make?
One of the biggest decisions was to leave the corporate world to follow my passion in developing a non-toxic suncare range of products
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
With an established non-toxic range of about 6 products for suncare, including one with only botanical ingredients
Our Favorite Song
locinville's sunshine in my pocket
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Vumba mountains, Zimbabwe
Our Favorite Product Besides Our Own
Natpro, natural progesterone cream
Our Favorite Quote
You're not finished when you are defeated, only when you quit.
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