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My name is Scott Sapire and I am the founder and Chief Spice Officer of Sweetwater Spice Co.

When I moved to LA from Austin my roommates and I hosted our first Thanksgiving. My Mom offered her advice from afar, "you had better brine your Turkey."

Perhaps she knew I would also serve Cranberry Margaritas on Thanksgiving. I blame the margaritas for the Turkey.

We knew it was ready smoke filled the air.

Amazingly, the Turkey was still juicy on the inside. The brine had stopped the meat from drying out even though I botched it.

I had found something that makes bad cooks good. No more dry chicken breasts! No more dry pork chops!

As a Texan (by way of South Africa and Philadelphia), barbecue and football are central components of life.

Since what had become known as The Thanksgiving Miracle, I had been brining my previously dry smoked brisket with a brine made of fruit juices and dried chiles with great results.

In September of the following year I shared my brisket brine recipe with a Football Message Board. That year UT beat Ohio State in dramatic, last second, fashion and I logged on to discuss the game with other rabid fans.

To my surprise, the message board was exploding with comments about my recipe. It occurred to me that if men on a football message board will talk about food over football, after a game like THAT, you bottle it.

Today Sweetwater Spice Co.'s BBQ BATH, FAJITA BATH, and TURKEY BATH BRINE CONCENTRATES make bad cooks good and good cooks great!

They are all natural, fat free, and gluten free and they are the fastest and most effective meat preparation on the market.

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Get to Know Us

What inspires you?
Creating new products, creating awareness for healthy eating, and of course my wife and son.
What is your favorite part about creating your products?
Cooking in my head. I dream of food and daydream of it as well. I taste and adjust recipes in my head all the time and there is nothing more gratifying than nailing one when it is executed. To take an idea and give it life is very exciting.
What is the toughest part of your day?
Hardest part of the day is the first part - I am on the West Coast right now and I feel like I wake up late for work everyday due to the time difference. I've got voicemail and email before I can get a much needed coffee. Traveling and being away from my family is the hardest part of the job.
What was the best day in company history?
Whole Foods initially only wanted us in two stores in Austin, but July 4th was the following weekend and I knew we needed to be in stores all over Texas. At 5 AM I drove to Houston and sent a buddy to Dallas, dropping off free product at all of the Whole Foods. At 10 AM on the way back to Austin my phone rang - it was corporate - they wanted to know what the heck I was doing. I knew not to answer. At 4 PM they called back to re-order for the Region. It worked, but we were definitely told not to try that again : )
What was the biggest decision you ever had to make?
Having to fire a friend.
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
In five years I hope to have released at least 3 new product lines and increase my ability to teach men how to eat healthy without going hungry.
Our Favorite Song
Run For The Roses
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Our Favorite Product Besides Our Own
Salt Lick Original Barbecue Sauce
Our Favorite Quote
"Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, y
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