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tambino® designer + educational furnishings for kids

Where does the name tambino come from?
Tambino means "bambino" ('child' in Italian), + "tam" ('innocence', or 'child' in Hebrew ) = Tambino!

Why are tambino designs different?
Your child's focus and abstract thinking skills can be influenced by his or her built environment. A child is not a miniature adult, a child is a different animal altogether. Would your child naturally sit, or focus their best, while sitting at miniaturized adult chair and desk? (Or would you?) A child's thoughts and environment are three-dimensional, and sometimes non-linear and non-continuous. Many kids learn by moving, or seeing, or doing (not just by sitting and listening). We think that since children see and use their environment differently than adults, their products and spaces should be appropriately designed. Our goal is to develop thinking and making, in an unconventional, safe, designed space.

Tambino products are completely non-toxic and environmentally responsible.
We've read that a home free of toxins is better for your child's mind. Here are some ways we contribute:
o Materials Safety & Durability: Our paint is water-based polyurethane, manufactured in the USA. Water-based polyurethane is low -VOC, lead-free, scratch-resistant, and seals wood against moisture. Our plywood has the world's highest ecological rating, California CARB-P2, which means formaldehyde-free. We use extremely strong materials such as solid Russian birch plywood and solid American maple plywood. Plywood, especially of these cold-climate species, is stronger than even solid hardwood, because its method of construction is layered glue and wood. These come from managed forests.

Tambino is the creation of Jessica Cohen
Tambino is the brain*child of Jessica Cohen, product designer, innovator, and former child. Jessica has degrees in architecture from U.C. Berkeley, M.Arch. '02, and in art and product design from Stanford, A.B. '95, and M.F.A '02, where she studied as a Javitz Fellow. Jessica's experience with alternative learning and teaching styles comes from five years of volunteering with disadvantaged kids ages 7-10 in Tel Aviv; two years of teaching undergraduate design students in Holon, Israel; and seven years of consulting factories on innovation thinking in Israel, Honduras, and Russia.
We are currently based in Redwood City, California. We hope you and your
children enjoy, learn and thrive! We wish you years of growth and enjoyment with your tambino® products!

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E-mail: info@tambino.com
Phone: (650) 787-5287
Fax: (650) 265-1122
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Tambino LLC
270 Redwood Shores Pkwy., Box 83, Redwood City, California 95064


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