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As good as any corn chip we've had and is full of sprouted whole grains, legumes and seeds; i.e., actually not that bad for you.
— Terri, Seattle, Washington

Absolute best chip!
These are the BEST chips...just the right amount of salt...and actually not that bad for you. Your waistline won't even know that you indulged!!
— Jenny

Very good
Tasty, crunchy and healthy tasting.
— Rachel Mickevich-Ingraffea, Charlotte, North Carolina

Black Bean Sprouted Tortilla Chips are fantastic!
-I am on a very strict diet, due to food allergies. I ran across this product and it seems to be one of the food items that I can eat. Last night, i tried these chips and they taste very close to regular corn chips. I highly reccomoend this product.
— Jessica

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My favorite snack!
Can't get enough of these wonderful salt free snacks! All gone now. Boo hoo!
— Kathryn Vitek, Oakland, Maryland

Crunchy, textury, tasty, even tho salt free.
These will be a continued not- guilty favorite! Can't stay away from them.
— Kathryn Vitek, Oakland, Maryland

Love them!
For health reasons, I'm going "saltless." Also love the crunch and texture of the chips.
— Kathryn Vitek, Oakland, Maryland

Crispy perfection!
As difficult as it is to find sugar free (and chemical free) snacks, it's even more of a challenge to find delicious in a salt-free chip. These are a perfect, family-friendly first choice to serve with guacamole, salsa, or all on their own. Heart healthy, yet no compromise on taste or texture - what a treat!
— TERESA EVANS, Evanston, Illinois

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Great mid-day snack!
— Carl , Weston, Massachusetts

The chips have a vague onion-like taste that must come from one of the varieties of sprouted seeds. Anyway, much better than plain tortilla chips!
— Laura Lewis, Beaufort, South Carolina

Sneaky converter of junk chip consumers
I was pleasantly surprised at the sharp crunch and fantastic taste of these chips. They go great with salsa or guacamole, and are fantastic all alone. My family basically fought over the contents of the bag after they all got a taste.... and my 15-year-old daughter was shocked that they are healthy and TASTY! A must-buy!
— Melissa Thamasucharit, Wonder Lake, Illinois

Awesome flavor
Tastes great, GMO-free and good for you! Sadly was received broken so I couldn't use them for entertaining as I had planned.
— Brandy , Neenah, Wisconsin

Fantastic chips that taste great and that are good for you. No guilty feelings eating these healthy chips.
— Valerie Statute, Stevensville, Maryland

Best tasting corn chip
I've tried most organic non-GMO corn chips and this is the best tasting one. I love that they have included sprouted nutrition as well for those great OMEGA 3s! This is the best chip ever!
— Melinda Dixon, San Diego, California

I just love that I can feel so good about eating chips! Great taste and nutrition!
— M

Good price and tasty product
— Jackie Majerle, Esko, Minnesota

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Absolutely Addictive!!
Best chips on the market - and they're healthier too :)
— Carl , Weston, Massachusetts

Wasn't too sure about these until I ate just one... Let's just say,didn't last long! Love these chips!
— Amie

Sweet potato chips are infinitely superior to any regular chip on the market. These are delicious and I'd highly recommend them.
— Kristin F

I love chips, especially ones that are vegan healthy. I have had these before and got a sample bag in my discovery box. It was a satisfying snack before dinner, ate whole bag since so hungry after work. I like what the company stands for; a little salty for my taste, but good.
— LAUREN F., Streamwood, Illinois

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Loved it!
Very tasty and good for you! One of the best tortilla chips I've ever had! If the price was lower I'd order a lot more.
— Amy D, Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Loved it!
Very tasty and good for you! One of the best tortilla chips I've ever had! If the price was lower I'd order a lot more.
— Amy D, Saint Cloud, Minnesota

My Daughter has Celiasc Disease and loves these chips. We all love the flavor
— Kiran Dhaliwal, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Love, love, love these chips!
I absolutely love these chips. They are a little spicy, but not too much. My kids (teens) love them as well. They have an awesome flavor with a great crunch. I will order more!
— Mary Herrygers, Lexington, South Carolina

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Great kick to your chip!
We are big fans of Sriracha and we tore into the bag when it arrived. The flavor is nice and spicy. A great twist for a corn chip. They are not too spicy, but a great flavorful chip.
— Christine Hrinowich, Sleepy Hollow, Georgia

Not hot at all
These chips didn't quite meet my expectations, they weren't hot at all and didn't taste much like Siracha at all either.
— James Snell, Morris, Pennsylvania