Way Better Snacks Reviews


As good as any corn chip we've had and is full of sprouted whole grains, legumes and seeds; i.e., actually not that bad for you.

— Terri, Seattle, Washington
Absolute best chip!

These are the BEST chips...just the right amount of salt...and actually not that bad for you. Your waistline won't even know that you indulged!!

— Jenny
very good

Tasty, crunchy and healthy tasting.

— Rachel Mickevich-Ingraffea, Charlotte, North Carolina
Black Bean Sprouted Tortilla Chips are fantastic!

-I am on a very strict diet, due to food allergies. I ran across this product and it seems to be one of the food items that I can eat. Last night, i tried these chips and they taste very close to regular corn chips. I highly reccomoend this product.

— Jessica
Good, but not Way Better's Best Chip

These black bean tortilla chips are much better than some other black been chips I have tried. They do not leave a weird coating in your mouth, for example. They are a satisfying snack, but I can't imagine loading them up with salsa and being fooled that it is a tortilla chip. My children did not like them.

— Jennifer Davis, NEW HARTFORD, New York
A Good Chip

These chips are good , but not exactly what I wanted them to be. I love black beans and I love tortilla chips, but this combination did not exactly jam. Although these chips are a healthy alternative , they are more of a black bean chip and not so much a tortilla chip. Although the taste was okay , the texture just didn't satisfy. My experience with eating this chip was more like a tortilla chip No, a good cracker Yes!

— Kim Davis, OAKWOOD VLG, Ohio
no sugar and 3g of fiber

I not only love the black bean taste but also like that there is 0g sugar and 3g of fiber per serving

— Jessica Dennis, BOSTON, Massachusetts
pretty good

Grainy, but hearty chip. Best with dips in my opinion!

— Cristina Lopez, NORTH HILLS, California
Absolutely delicious

These chips are absolutely delicious!

— Charissa Lynch, BRENHAM, Texas

Great amount of fiber.. kinda super crunchy, but that's ok

— anna , AUSTIN, Texas

These chips are good, yet healthy! Simply Amazing! :D

— Louis Gonzales, SAN ANTONIO, Texas

Absolutely Delicious!

— Laurie Hatfield, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
Best Chips

This brand makes some of the best chips! This flavor is so good and great for dipping..

— Ren Myer, LUBBOCK, Texas

These chips are hearty, crisp and downright tasty. Great gluten free option.

— Gloria Gerlosky, ,
Tastes delicious and goes well with spinach dip.

I feel I am eating a healthy snack.

— Joseph Sepulvado, TYLER, Texas
Very slow seller

Tasted like old dry beans - customer

— Joanne McNulty, GILFORD, New Hampshire
Wonderful taste!


— Maureen Pulaski, SHOREWOOD, Illinois
Love these chips!

These are crunchy, healthy-tasting chips! The black bean taste is subtle -- very nice.

— Donna, ARLINGTON, Massachusetts
I rather eat something made with black bean for a change

They were good to me and I like the texture of them....I eat a lot of dips so trying to find things for the dip is hard since I like healthy things only, preferably organic....

— valerie , PHILA, Pennsylvania
Many flavors combined, lighty salted

A very filling snack and healthy

— stacie cochran
My favorite snack!

Can't get enough of these wonderful salt free snacks! All gone now. Boo hoo!

— Kathryn Vitek, OAKLAND, Maryland
Crunchy, textury, tasty, even tho salt free.

These will be a continued not- guilty favorite! Can't stay away from them.

— Kathryn Vitek, OAKLAND, Maryland
Love them!

For health reasons, I'm going "saltless." Also love the crunch and texture of the chips.

— Kathryn Vitek, OAKLAND, Maryland
Crispy perfection!

As difficult as it is to find sugar free (and chemical free) snacks, it's even more of a challenge to find delicious in a salt-free chip. These are a perfect, family-friendly first choice to serve with guacamole, salsa, or all on their own. Heart healthy, yet no compromise on taste or texture - what a treat!

Great Texture!

The texture on these chips is far better than other tortilla chips. You can also taste the rich flavors of the flax and other ingredients.

— ReaderMS, HOMER CITY, Pennsylvania
Crisp and Tasty

Delicious salt free snacks with almost any kind of dip or none.

— Kathryn Vitek, OAKLAND, Maryland

Best no-salt chips I've found

— Danita , METAIRIE, Louisiana
Perfect for some foods that are already salty so there is no competition with taste

Sometimes a plain salt free is needed especially making a dish where cheese is melted on top of chips with hot peppers like they make in Mexican Rest's.
These are still great tasting, though without the salt..

— valerie , PHILA, Pennsylvania

Great mid-day snack!

— Carl , Weston, Massachusetts

The chips have a vague onion-like taste that must come from one of the varieties of sprouted seeds. Anyway, much better than plain tortilla chips!

— Laura Lewis, BEAUFORT, South Carolina
Sneaky converter of junk chip consumers

I was pleasantly surprised at the sharp crunch and fantastic taste of these chips. They go great with salsa or guacamole, and are fantastic all alone. My family basically fought over the contents of the bag after they all got a taste.... and my 15-year-old daughter was shocked that they are healthy and TASTY! A must-buy!

— Melissa Thamasucharit, Wonder Lake, Illinois
Awesome flavor

Tastes great, GMO-free and good for you! Sadly was received broken so I couldn't use them for entertaining as I had planned.

— Brandy , Neenah, Wisconsin

Good price and tasty product

— Jackie Majerle, Esko, Minnesota

Finally a delicious line of healthy snacks!

— Rachael Hixson
Best Chips!

So good with avocado!

— Ren Myer, LUBBOCK, Texas

I LOVE these chips! I like the square shape too - so different. They taste exactly like a tortilla chip only they are 100% organic and full of fiber and so much better than plain corn chips. This is my new favorite chip

— Jessica Dennis, BOSTON, Massachusetts

These were good, but not my favorite I've tried

— Nanci King, BUFORD, Georgia
Wouldn't purcahse again

Looks better than it tastes

— Joanne McNulty, GILFORD, New Hampshire
Great taste!

Love these!

— Maureen Pulaski, SHOREWOOD, Illinois
Like these much, cause just simple and great with cheese or hummus

Organic and great ingredients makes it a very healthy treat or meal addition.

— valerie , PHILA, Pennsylvania

Fantastic chips that taste great and that are good for you. No guilty feelings eating these healthy chips.

— Valerie Statute, Stevensville, Maryland
Best tasting corn chip

I've tried most organic non-GMO corn chips and this is the best tasting one. I love that they have included sprouted nutrition as well for those great OMEGA 3s! This is the best chip ever!

— Melinda Dixon, SAN DIEGO, California

I just love that I can feel so good about eating chips! Great taste and nutrition!

— M, Custer, South Dakota

Good price and tasty product

— Jackie Majerle, Esko, Minnesota

I love chips and salsa. But normal chips are such an empty snack. When I found these, my world changed! They have just the right amount of crisp.

— Charissa Lynch, BRENHAM, Texas
Love These

Much better than regular chips!

— Ren Myer, LUBBOCK, Texas

Absolutely delicious!

— Laurie Hatfield, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
Pretty good

I once ate an entire bag of these in one sitting. You have to be careful because they go stale very quickly.

— Julie Swope, ,
My favorite of the Way Better Snacks.

Goes great with any dip!

— Joseph Sepulvado, TYLER, Texas

I think these are yummy and have more flavor than the regular sprouted variety. Very good and not too salty

— chas shields, tracy , Tennessee
Great with salsa and quacamole dip

Just put left over chips in the fridge to keep fresh... Tasty tasty tasty!!!
Like the crunch and color..

— valerie , PHILA, Pennsylvania
Absolutely Addictive!!

Best chips on the market - and they're healthier too :)

— Carl , Weston, Massachusetts

Wasn't too sure about these until I ate just one... Let's just say,didn't last long! Love these chips!

— amie

Sweet potato chips are infinitely superior to any regular chip on the market. These are delicious and I'd highly recommend them.

— Kristin F

I love chips, especially ones that are vegan healthy. I have had these before and got a sample bag in my discovery box. It was a satisfying snack before dinner, ate whole bag since so hungry after work. I like what the company stands for; a little salty for my taste, but good.

Tasty, delicious, addictive!

These are the best tasting chips! I love the fact that they are GMO free! I will buy more and more and more.

— Christine N., Jacksonville, Florida

I love sweet potatoes and these are great! So different than regular yucky chips :)

— Dezaree , middleburg, Florida
Best Chip Ever

I love these chips, delicious

— Wendy

Absolutely Divine!

— T, SARASOTA, Florida
These are so good, I could eat the whole bag!

Since being introduced to this product a few months ago, it has quickly become one of my favorite things! I can't believe how healthy they are. They are hard for me to find locally, so I just keep ordering them from ABE'S.

— Jennifer Davis, NEW HARTFORD, New York
These are so good, I could eat the whole bag!

Since being introduced to this product a few months ago, it has quickly become one of my favorite things! I can't believe how healthy they are. They are hard for me to find locally, so I just keep ordering them from ABE'S.

— Jennifer Davis, NEW HARTFORD, New York
My picky eaters loved these.

The bag was empty in a matter of minutes.

— Susan Powell, ELKTON, Maryland
What a Delicious Sweet Potato Tortilla Chip

All I can say is this was the best tortilla chip that I have ever had in my life. From now on my choice of tortilla chip will be these. The flavor and texture of these chips is absolutely delightful. These are a wonderful alternative to the traditional tortilla chip!

— Kim Davis, OAKWOOD VLG, Ohio
Truly "way better"

These are so good...hard to believe they could be healthy, too. They really hit the spot when you're looking for a bit of crunch.

— BestDaddyEver, Custer, South Dakota

Prefer these to most other tortilla chips. Doesn't leave a weird residue in my mouth and I don't feel bloated after indulging. Great with some guacamole

— jane berkeley, SAN FRANCISCO, California
Delicious and Addictive

I love Way Better chips, especially the sweet potato flavor. It is slightly sweet and salty. They are great on their own or with dips. I feel healthier eating these than when I eat traditional corn chips

— Jessica Dennis, BOSTON, Massachusetts

My boyfriend is crazy about sweet potato chips and these are one of his favorites

— anna s, AUSTIN, Texas
yum yum yummy!

Great product..fantastic taste...and good for me! I was looking for the sweet salty crunchy snack that's also healthy..this is it!

— Jayne De Boer, WELLS, Minnesota
Tasty Tortilla Chips with a Twist

Not only are they made with good ingredients, they are full of flavor. I was able to taste both the corn and the sweet potato in these chips. The only drawback is that after a few, they were a bit oily, but it will keep me from eating too many.

— Debra Schiff, SOMERSET, New Jersey

My toddlers are not in to sweet potato, but they finished the whole bag in one seating.

— JB, Bayside, New York
Love theses cups!!!

Best chips ever!!!!

— Laurie Hatfield, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
These chips prove that healthier snacks taste just as good or better than traditional snacks.

Perfect for dips.

— Joseph Sepulvado, TYLER, Texas

Great flavor and texture. Held up to guacamole.

— Barbara Jeannin, KANSAS CITY, Missouri
Just a hint of sweet potato...delicious.

I love the flavor and texture is just right for dipping.

— Joseph Sepulvado, TYLER, Texas
Very tasty sweet potato tortilla chips that are good for you!

I love that it is pretty much guilt free :)

— Dana Hunter
pretty good

Kind of dry

— Joanne McNulty, GILFORD, New Hampshire
Nice and Crispy!

I'm not normally a fan of tortilla chips so I was surprised at how much I liked these chips. They are nice and crispy with just the right amount of salt and just a hint of sweet. Delicious!

— richard Johnson, BEDFORD, Indiana

I just got these in the mail and had to try them...omg awesome! I love these chips I bought 3 bags I might have to come back for more!

— laura fesnak, SCHWENKSVILLE, Pennsylvania
Great flavor

These chips have a great flavor. Makes for a great snack!

— Ren Myer, LUBBOCK, Texas
Loved it!

Very tasty and good for you! One of the best tortilla chips I've ever had! If the price was lower I'd order a lot more.

— Amy D, SAINT CLOUD, Minnesota
Loved it!

Very tasty and good for you! One of the best tortilla chips I've ever had! If the price was lower I'd order a lot more.

— Amy D, SAINT CLOUD, Minnesota

My Daughter has Celiasc Disease and loves these chips. We all love the flavor

— kiran Dhaliwal, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Love, love, love these chips!

I absolutely love these chips. They are a little spicy, but not too much. My kids (teens) love them as well. They have an awesome flavor with a great crunch. I will order more!

— Mary Herrygers, Lexington, South Carolina
Yummy and Tasty

This is so yummy. I've purchase multiple times and can never get enough of it.

— Angela, SAN MARINO, California
Best chips ever!

I used to buy these chips from a local store but they were so popular that the store could not keep them stocked. I am so glad that I found Abe's Market!

— Linda Paul, La Center, Washington

So much more "interesting" tasting than regular tortilla chips! Nice spice, too!

— M, Custer, South Dakota

Little spicy and very good kids even liked them

— Jackie Majerle, Esko, Minnesota
Way Better Snacks

My husband and I love the Sweet Chili Sprouted Tortilla Chips and they no longer carry them at our local store. They love them where I work too.

— Carol Jacobi, Fenon, Missouri
Tangy, zingy, peppery and sweet

These are not salt-free, but compared to most commercially produced chips, they are reasonably low in salt per serving. Packed with so much robust and well-balanced flavor, a smaller amount does satisfy.

Spicy kick

These chips had a little kick which made them perfect for hummus.

— Patricia Guthrie, Johnson City, Tennessee

A favorite in our house! Always have to have a bag in the cupboard

— Rachael Hixson

Prefer these to most other tortilla chips, don't feel bloated after indulging. Great with some guacamole. Like to switch between these and the sweet potato ones.

— jane berkeley, SAN FRANCISCO, California
what a kick!

I love that these chips have Flax Seed & Quinoa, 3 grams of fiber & 2 grams of protein! These chips do have a KICK so make sure you have water!!

— Jessica Dennis, BOSTON, Massachusetts

I love chips and salsa. But normal chips are such an empty snack. When I found these, my world changed!

— Charissa Lynch, BRENHAM, Texas
One of the best snack chips

I've indulged in a LOT of gourmet/natural/healthy/etc snack chips, and this is one of my all-time faves. Great sweet-spicy flavor, light crispy texture, hearty whole grains. An awesome savory snack, if you like a bit of heat.

— Stephanie

I love these! not too spicy, but then again I DO love spicy stuff.

— anna , AUSTIN, Texas
I love these!

Not too spicy, then again I DO love spicy stuff

— Laurie Hatfield, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
Love it

Very tasty

— Candace, INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana
Best chips ever

I have never been in love with a chip as much as I am with these! Best flavor, nice little sweet, salty, and spicy bite. I'm planning on buying a million more bags in the future. These chips are the meaning of life.

— Kylie

great tasting gluten free chili's, went well with the chili

— Linda Kaiponen, NASHVILLE, Tennessee
Great tasting

Loved the flavor and the benefits of the quality ingredients.

— Kelly Marshik, EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
Great flavor!

These have a good flavor, not too spicy or sweet and perfectly crunchy!

snacking heaven

so good and flavorful with the perfect amount of zip .

— julie edge, CARROLLTON, Georgia
Love these

So good with avocado!

— Ren Myer, LUBBOCK, Texas
Great Taste

Addictive ... wish there were more in the bag!

— Denise Mullis, BOONE, North Carolina
My husband's favorite!!

Every time I place an order, I have to include a bag of these in my order for my husband. They're delicious & much better for him than those nasty name brand flavored corn chips. :)

— Jennifer Schuman, DOVER, Delaware

These are wonderfully addicting. Order more than one bag at a time.

— Anna

These are the best chips EVER!!! I love how they are just the right kind of spicy.

— katie stites, ,
By far my favorite flavor!

These chips are the best! The spices are perfectly balanced with a mild sweetness. As an added bonus, they are a 'clean' snack...nothing artificial! What more could you ask for? Will definitely order again.

— Mrs. DeJarnette, PALMDALE, California
Yeah, I have been eating these for awhile now ordered from stores

But now I can order them from Abe's. Just wish no sugar was added, but it is mildly sweet. with all the spices to ring your phone... Very GOOD!!!
Organic is the way and only way to go now with all the GMO's filling the market of snacks..

— valerie, PHILA, Pennsylvania