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7 Easy Ways to Be Green Daily

By:  Ari  Bendersky  Abe's Market Contributor  April 21st, 2014

How often are you walking down the street, see some trash and just walk by? You might think, "Well, I didn't dump it, I'm not going to pick it up." Or maybe you just don't even notice it sitting there. Or are you the person who drops their trash as you walk down the street without thinking about it? If we all take the time to pick up a discarded soda can or a random paper bag from a fast food joint, our streets will get cleaner pretty quickly. Worried about your hands getting dirty? Think about how dirty your town is. Just use some Purel. There are a lot of easy ways to be more green each day and picking up garbage is just one. Here are seven more:

7 Easy Ways to Be Green Each Day

  • Don't Drive. Walk : Not only is walking healthy for you, but taking your car off the road, even one day a week, will help reduce air pollution exponentially. But if you do need to drive, at least see if you can carpool. That's another way to take a car, or two, off the road.
  • Read News Online : Most of us have some sort of smart phone or tablet, which means you can read your news electronically. But if you still love the experience of reading an actual print newspaper, don't toss it in the garbage. Pop it into the recycle bin instead. A tree gave its life for that news; you can at least honor it by letting it become something else.
  • Take Public Transportation : If you live and work in a larger city, chances are you have access to buses and a train system. By taking public transportation, you're helping reduce emissions by not driving and also taking yet another car off the road.
  • Save Trees from Plastic : Have you ever noticed how many plastic bags get caught in trees? Next time you see a plastic bag sitting on the sidewalk, pick it up and toss it out. The trees will thank you when they aren't being choked by plastic and can produce leaves.
  • Get Cloth Bags : And while we're talking about plastic bags ... Stop Using Them! Instead swap them out for reusable bags and use those for your groceries, to bring lunch to work and more. The less plastic bags out in the world, the less plastic bags get stuck in trees and go to landfill to die.
  • Use Reusable Mugs : Whether you buy a cup of coffee daily at a cafe or make it at the office , stop using paper or plastic coffee cups. Get a reusable mug instead and wash it out. Paper cup production uses billions of gallons of water and millions of trees each year and 58 billion paper cups get tossed out annually. That's a lot of waste.
  • Get Biodegradable Poop Bags : If you have a dog, you know how often you have to pick up your her waste. Sure it's easy to get extra plastic bags from the grocery store, but those bags end up in landfill and don't decompose. And doesn't it make sense to put a biodegradable material (read: the poop) into a biodegradable poop bag? They'll both break down together, faster.

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