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Drop That Soda & Cupcake! They're Making You Look Old!

By:  Kelly  O'Donnell  Abe's Enthusiast  September 10th, 2013

The Fountain of Youth may be fictional, but the secrets to looking and feeling younger are no myth. Adequate rest, vigorous daily exercise and regular check-ups can contribute to a long healthy life, and researchers are discovering the food you eat may also put years back on your clock. You’re never too old to implement better eating habits, and in the case of these four "feel Young" foods, looking and feeling younger might be just what the doctor ordered.

Foods to Eat to Stay Young

Got Calcium?
Get more of this mineral to combat bone density loss. Drink milk and eat cheese, yogurt and greens like broccoli and kale to get more calcium. If you're concerned you're still lacking, take supplements like Nutrition Now Gummy Vitamins for Adults, which taste great and are great for you.

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies
Eat more greens like spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard and arugula. Want more? How about some fruit such as bananas, apricots, mangoes, cantaloupe and watermelon. Why leafy greens? They’re loaded with antioxidants, which protect against free radicals that can damage brain cells and weaken (read: wrinkle) skin. A daily smoothie (link to smoothie post) packed with greens is a great way to consume a lot of veggies fast. Or try pHresh greens® 100% RAW Alkalizing Superfood, a powder that makes getting a variety of leafy greens in your smoothies even easier.

Like Good Fats!
Good fats like avocado, nuts, and olive oil, protect your cardiovascular system, which can deteriorate into heart disease as you age and put you at risk for heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. Organic Gold flax oil is a great choice for good fats. You can add it to scrambled eggs, pasta dishes and soups to sneak in those extra good fats.

Drink Up!
It's been said drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for you. There's something to that. Drinking water enhances memory and mental alertness and slows brain aging. If plain water seems too, well, plain, amp up the flavor with Krisda Splash Superfruit Water Enhancer.

Stop Eating This! 

While you’re refining your diet, be sure to avoid too much of these "super aging” no-no foods:

  • Sugar and trans fats, which when overloaded in the body attach to collagen, making skin look stiff and inflexible and can lead to deeper wrinkles.
  • Salt, alcohol and caffeine dehydrate skin and make you look old and tired.
  • Energy drinks and soda can yellow teeth and erode enamel.

Turn back your clock and see real results when you make simple diet changes that give your body what it really needs to stay younger looking and feeling! 


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Kelly O'Donnell

Abe's Enthusiast

Kelly O'Donnell Kelly O’Donnell is a full-time mom to two girls and part-time marketing and communications maven from Michigan, where she consults to professional service firms and private equity businesses.

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