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Light Up the Holidays But Don't Burn Down the House

By:  Ianthe  Mauro  Founder, Objects With Purpose  November 12th, 2013

As a candle fanatic I've enjoyed the glow of a warm flame and the delicate fragrance of a fine candle almost daily for decades. I recently discovered creative ways to care for candles that will keep you, your home and your candles safe. Here are some of my favorite tips to nurture your candles, limiting their volatility while enhancing their burn time. Ready to light up?

6 Hot Candle Handling Tips

Caution: Contents Hot!
Never move a lit candle. Votives and tapers may drip hot wax on your delicate skin when picked up. Candles in glass or ceramic containers may become hot to the touch. Extinguish the flame and allow your candle to cool until it becomes solid before attempting to move. 

Trim the Wick: Less flame = Less Heat!
Wicks cut to 1/8 to 1/4 inches long will keep the flame more precise with less likelihood of rising up to set fire to nearby curtains, table decor or someone's hair. As an added benefit, shorter wicks give you more time with the soothing candlelight.

Lights Out After 2 Hours 
A candle left burning for hours easily becomes too hot, can burn table tops, counters and placemats. The flame may become unstable and grow to a dangerously high level. Allow the wax to cool and solidify after burning for two hours. I re-light my candle making a wish on the flame just like it's my birthday! Whenever I blow out the flame I make another wish. 

Place Candles in a Still Room 
Open windows and doors that allow for lovely breezes may also fuel your flame with excess oxygen. This excess flame may cause your candles to burn too high. An added benefit to keeping lit candles in a still room is that a smaller flame increases the candles burn time making it last longer.

Multi-Wick Candles Need Equal Love
Be sure to light all wicks on multi-wick candles at the same time to ensure the candle burns evenly. If the wicks appear to float to one side or bunch up in the middle carefully coax them back into place while the wax is warm and allow them to cool. An even burn is a safer burn and your statement candle will look even and beautiful.

Know When to Fold 'Em
Stop lighting your candle when the wax is less then a half inch at the bottom of the container. As tempting as it is to try lighting your candle when it's burned to the bottom it can be dangerous. The glass or ceramic can get too hot with little cushion between the flame and the bottom and potentially crack or explode. 


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Ianthe Mauro

Founder, Objects With Purpose

Ianthe Mauro Ianthe, a former actress/writer turned mom-treprenuer, founded Objects With Purpose after discovering toxicity in scented candles. She now delivers safe coconut-wax-based candles with luxe packaging to conscientious buyers everywhere.

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