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Abe's Ultimate Green Smoothie: Detox to a Thinner You

By:  Kelly  O'Donnell  Abe's Enthusiast  August 17th, 2015

Summer is the perfect time to try smoothies. Cool and refreshing, the icy drink is easy to make and easy to love — just throw some frozen fruit, yogurt, milk or juice and ice into a blender, mix up and enjoy. But that tasty concoction can be a high-calorie, high-glycemic addition to your healthy diet. Instead, go easy on the fruit and add protein and green vegetables for a more satisfying midday boost or complete meal replacement. And 'tis the season of long, hot days, so why not try a delicious green smoothie inspired by warm rays of sunshine? Now that’s cool!

Green Smoothie Detox Recipe



Blend coconut water and collard greens together. Add remaining ingredients to blender and blend. If you want this recipe super cold, add six to eight ice cubes and enough water to create the frosty consistency you crave on the hot summer day.


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