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Smoothie of the Week: Immunity-Boosting Elderberry Smoothie

By:  Michelle  Goldstein  Abe's Director of Marketing  December 11th, 2014

Let's be honest: Being sick sucks. But boosting your immunity with natural ingredients can help you ward off cold and flu. Elderberries have seemingly magical properties to help keep you healthy. And if you do start feeling sick? Blending up this smoothie at the first signs of feeling meh can help shorten the length of your illness. Try it. We think you'll like it.

Immunity Boosting Elderberry Smoothie Recipe

Want a green boost? Add a handful or spinach or kale into the blender or pop a teaspoon of a green powder supplement, which contains a full daily serving of greens and other helpful vitamins and minerals. 

[ed. note: Some people have commented that eating dried elderberries have made them nauseated or ill. If you have concerns, you can always cook the elderberries before using them in a smoothie. Never eat red elderberries as they're always toxic, and never eat ripe blue or purple elderberries as they can be toxic. See this University of Maryland writeup for more information on elderberries.]

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Michelle Goldstein

Abe's Director of Marketing

Michelle Goldstein After years in fashion e-commerce, Michelle joined Abe's to help people live more mindful lifestyles. She stays balanced with daily green smoothies, Dailey Method workouts, running, an occasional glass of red wine and a good piece of dark chocolate.

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