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Pass the Bubbles for a Hella Good Holiday Cocktail

By:  Nicci  Silva  Founder, DollyMoo  December 18th, 2013

Want an easy yet super festive drink to welcome guests to your cocktail party? I spent 10 years working as a bartender and mixologist in some of the best bars and restaurants and still love to entertain. Since I started my skin care line, my cocktailing has been limited to parties, but if I've learned anything, having a special drink as guests walk through the door helps create a festive holiday atmosphere. This sassy party please, the Miss Ginger, combines sparkling wine, Hella Bitter aromatic bitters and brown sugar. The Hella Bella bitters adds a nice botanical tone and sweet caramel on the finish.  This bubbly beauty will keep everyone smiling all night long!

Nicci Silva's Sassy Miss Ginger Champagne Cocktail Recipe



  1. In the bottom of a champagne flute, drop in one brown sugar cube. 
  2. Add a few drops of Hella Bitter Aromatic Bitters
  3. Pour champagne.
  4. Top off with a small slice of fresh ginger to add a little tickle spice! 


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Nicci Silva

Founder, DollyMoo

Nicci Silva Nicci is the creator/co-owner of DollyMoo. She took her love for mixology and left the restaurant business after years to put on her frilly little apron and spend full time in her workshop creating beautiful skincare products made with lots of love.

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