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Tippling Bros. Booty Collins Tropical Green Tea Vodka Cocktail

By:  Ari  Bendersky  Abe's Market Contributor  May 1st, 2013

With summer right around the corner, you're probably thinking about outdoor activities like beach volleyball, biking, softball games, walks in the park, family picnics and more. And when the temps climb you also start to fire up the grill for some 'cueing and that often leads to inviting friends and neighbors over to join in the fun. So you may need to offer your guests a drink -- and now you have a chance to get creative. We reached out to our friends the Tippling Bros, New York-based, award-winning beverage consultants who have created cocktail programs for restaurants and hotels around the country and now work exclusively with Mercadito Hospitality, which owns restaurants in Chicago, New York and Miami, including Chicago's Tavernita where this recipe for the Booty Collins comes from.

The Tippling Bros., Paul Tanguay and Tad Carducci, know how to concoct a tasty beverage, both with and without alcohol. They gave us their popular Booty Collins recipe, but tweaked it to include a few products you can find through Abe's, notably the base green tea. Instead of using just any tea, the Tippling Bros. recommend including Zhi Tea's Organic Tropical Green Tea to give it a wonderful fruit-filled flavor profile. The high-antioxidant sencha green tea incorporates organic pineapple, papaya, passionfruit, rose petals and more. So even though it's being infused in vodka, the bright notes still shine through gorgeously and deliciously. Don't believe us? Make a batch for your friends and see how they feel. We think this may be a new summer favorite! 

Tippling Bros. Booty Collins

Makes one cocktail


2 oz green tea vodka made with Zhi Tea Organic Tropical Green Tea
1 oz passion fruit puree
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
1 pinch cayenne pepper (Tippling Bros. suggest Simply Organic Cayenne)
2 drops Yohimbe (Tippling Bros. suggest using Mountain Meadow Herbs' Progentor VI)


  • Shake over ice and strain
  • Garnish with brandy cherry and orange

For the Green Tea Vodka

  • Infuse 750 ml. of your choice of vodka with ½ cup green tea for 4 hours.
  • Strain and pour in a new bottle for future use.


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Ari Bendersky

Abe's Market Contributor

Ari Bendersky Ari joined Abe's Market after years of covering music, lifestyle, wine and food for the New York Times, AP, Rolling Stone, Eater, Huff Post and more. He lives naturally by biking, hiking, green juicing and avoiding high-fructose corn syrup at all costs.

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