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Don't Run Out of Gas ... These Treats Keep You Fueled

By:  Matt  Faust  Associate Buyer, Abe's Market  May 18th, 2013

I have a fond memory of spending the summer after 4th grade road tripping with my mom throughout California. We spent a lot of time stopping at many of the 21 California Missions, which stretch from north of San Francisco down to San Diego. I was fresh off of learning about state history in my elementary school (I am originally from San Diego) and wanted to see these places first hand.

While I don’t remember all of the specifics of the trip, I do remember that snacks were plentiful, and I managed to survive many hours — eight hours straight from San Diego to SF (with added time for stops and, of course, LA traffic) — of driving and for a kid that's no easy task!

As summer travel season approaches, plenty of families will embark on their own summer road trips. Or plane trips. Or even train trips. Regardless of the means of transportation, there are many great options for on-the-go snacks that are perfect for summer travel. Here are a few of my favorites:

Perfect For the Plane

Go Picnic Hummus and Cracker Pack:  Why pay for subpar plane food when you can bring your own pre-packed kit of healthy snacks? Make sure to check out all of their options, which also includes three bean dip & rice chips and tuna & crackers.

Ginger People Gin Gins Super Strength Ginger Caramel Candy (travel box 12 pack):  Get queasy with turbulence? Then have a box or two of these candies packed in your carry-on bag. Ginger has extensive benefits, one of which is helping with nausea.

Sticky Nuts Morning Grapefruit: Upgrade those lackluster plane peanuts for some exciting varieties from Sticky Nuts! My personal favorite? Morning Grapefruit!

Perfect For the Car

I Heart Keenwah Almond: Grab a handful and get filled up quickly (and healthfully!) with this tasty snack. With an easy resealable bag, you don’t have to worry about these falling out all over the car.

World Peas Sichuan Chili: With a variety of flavors, this awesome savory snack will help satisfy cravings on those long stretches on the road.

Perfect For the Kids (or the Kid at Heart)

SolBites Almond Butter & Honey Spread: Keep kids away from overly processed peanut butter and cracker snack packs with this delicious twist from SolBites. Don’t be shocked if you end up bringing a stash for yourself!

Way Better Sweet Potato 24 pack (snack size): A great alternative to greasy potato chips, this more healthful alternative will keep you and your kids happy.


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Matt Faust

Associate Buyer, Abe's Market

Matt Faust Matt joined Abe's to explore his passion for food and e-commerce. He loves discovering new eco-friendly products and introducing them to the Abe’s community. When not at Abe’s, Matt travels, tries new restaurants and works off his winter weight.

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