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The Last Cleansing Sponge You'll Ever Need

By:  Kimberley  Grayson  Chief Revenue Officer  May 1st, 2015

I am a true believer that beauty comes from within - tied closely to your outlook on life, the kindness you put forth into the world and the outer-glow that stems naturally from taking in as much whole and non-altered food as possible.

But try as I may to stay the same “beauty” I was in my 20s, 30s or even early 40s, my skin has a mind and will of its own and keeps me continually searching for new ways to clean and protect it.

Overseeing merchandising here at Abe’s Market, I get to see and try a lot of products (lucky girl, I know!) and have found one beauty mainstay that I have to share – in case you haven’t found it on your own already. It’s a little miracle of a product (really!) and here’s why.

I am not patient enough for a lengthy regimen, yet have found so many single products to produce just one benefit: they clean or they moisturize; they are gentle on my skin or they slough off the dead layer. Products that take too much time to use or need to be used in combination with too many other products are way too complex to be my go-to’s. I need products that perform and are easy to use – straight up!

Introducing Dr. Sponge

Ok, so here’s the skinny on this product ... it’s called Dr. Sponge and the line has six varieties for facial care and another seven for the body.

Every sponge has the common benefits of being packed with vitamins, minerals and other skin nutrients in a plant-fiber biodegradable sponge, but the varieties help you choose what’s best for your skin type or need. I don’t know about you, but my skin changes, with age, with the seasons … heck, even with my stress levels! So having an affordable product that I can keep on hand in several varieties is a bonus.

My Cleansing Regimen

Let’s walk through my cleansing routine. I promise, it’ll be quick!

I soak my Dr. Sponge in warm water. This colorful rock-like sponge out-of-the box turns to a soft and spongy puff with just right amount of texture. If it is morning, I wash my face with just the sponge; no cleanser at all. This is a first for me. I’ve never been able to do this with any other puff or sponge, nor would I dare to, as I would not get my face clean. The moisturizing benefits of the sponge also keep me from needing any (OK, some days just a bit of) moisturizer and this is during the years I hear many women have such dry skin problems.

(Now you know I wasn’t kidding when I called this a miracle product.)

For washing at night, I take an extra two seconds to put a dab of cleanser on the sponge to ensure I remove all makeup residue and then lightly moisturize to get the overnight benefits of some repair serum, mainly around my eyes.

I am not a completely low-maintenance girl – my family and team will tell you how much I like my shoe collection, wines from more regions that I have actually visited and the finest ingredients when cooking – but I have found bliss in simplifying my cleansing regimen with this fantastic product and I hope you will, too!

Get to Know Dr. Sponge

With all the different varieties, what should you use? We break down the product line, based on Dr. Sponge’s color scheme each with its own base natural ingredient:

  • Purple: Lavender, for soothing irritated skin
  • Black: Bamboo Charcoal, for drawing out toxins and unclogging pores
  • Yellow: Pearl Powder, for brightening skin and evening out skin tone
  • Pink: Lycopene, for anti-aging and combating effects of UV exposure
  • Light Green: – Aloe Vera, for moisturizing dry skin
  • Dark Green: Green Tea, for rich antioxidants that add moisture


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Kimberley Grayson

Chief Revenue Officer

Kimberley Grayson Kimberley Grayson, formerly with Gap, Bloomingdales and Ulta, is a fashion and beauty enthusiast who brings her love of great design to Abe's. She loves high-energy exercise, eating well and spending as much time with sand between her toes as possible.

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