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Stop Putting Cancer-causing Chemicals on Your Face

By:  Folake  Dosu  Abe's Marketing Coordinator  October 28th, 2013

Your shampoo. Your nail polish and nail polish remover. Your moisturizer and sunscreen. Your lipstick, eyeliner and hair spray. Your antibacterial soap ... and your bar soap. Ointments, toners and underarm deodorant. All of the products you love and use every single day? Yeah, they might be causing you harm. Why? Many commercial beauty, bath and body products contain cancer-causing chemicals like lead, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, triclosan and octyl-methoxycinnamate. Yeah, we can't pronounce that last one either.

Why expose yourself to possible dangers when you don't have to? During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, numerous campaigns around the country educate people, raise money and offer awareness. What about prevention? Abe's is committed to selling only products that do not contain known cancer-causing agents. Why? Each day, 1 in 13 women are exposed to known or probable human carcinogens through personal care products. That's scary. We want to help change that. So between now and the end of October, we will give a portion of all beauty, bath and body sales to the Breast Cancer Fund, a wonderful organization that helps people prevent getting this dreaded disease. Here's a quick snapshot about what is in many of those skincare and beauty products you might be using. Education is the best prevention.


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Folake Dosu

Abe's Marketing Coordinator

Folake Dosu When not helping Abe's 1200+ sellers grow their business, Folake is obsessed with uncovering and sharing pop culture gems, having travel adventures and shamelessly nerding out. She has a lot of GIFs and she's not afraid to use them.

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