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Meatless Mondays: Green Earth Orbs

4/25 The Recipe

Simple Snack: Green Earth Orbs

These orbs have a delicious, deep nutty flavor and are packed with healthy nuts and seeds that will make your skin glow!
What is Your Earth Day Name?

4/22 The Article

Find Your Earth Day Name

You know your leprechaun name and your Game of Thrones name - but do you know your Earth Day name?
Meatless Mondays: Kale Vegan Caesar

3/21 The Recipe

Kale Vegan Caesar

Give your Caesar salad a boost with the addition of kale, a nutritional powerhouse, and a few other cleanse-friendly ingredients!
Meatless Mondays: Macaro-no Cheese with Crispy Kale

3/14 The Recipe

Macaro-no Cheese & Crispy Kale

Lamenting a cheese-less existence? This easy-to-make, comforting dish will make you forget all about dairy!
6 Places Sugar Is Hiding in Your Food

2/11 The Insight

6 Hidden Sugars!

Sugar lurks in foods we may not realize. From yogurt to bread to granola ... see how much you may be eating.
Meatless Mondays: Salad in a Jar 4 Ways

1/25 The Recipe

Easy Meal Prep: Salad in a Jar

We've teamed up with Farmer's Fridge to bring you these tips & inspirations for simple, healthy, make-ahead lunches.
Natalie's Vegan Holiday Survival Guide

12/21 The Insight

Vegan Holiday Survival Guide

Family gatherings can be an awkward time to discuss your diet. Create a stress-free vegan holiday with these 4 easy tips.
Meatless Mondays: Smoky Eggplant Steaks With Balsamic Cashew Cream & Pine Nuts

10/19 The Recipe

Smoky Eggplant Steaks

Looking for a meatless meal that really satisfies? Try this smoky eggplant steak dinner from the new cookbook Crave, Eat, Heal.
Smoothie of the Week: Frozen Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie

10/15 The Recipe

Frozen Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

If you're lucky, you're saying goodbye to winter weather - but that doesn't mean you have to stop drinking your fave fall drink!
The Easiest Vegan Banana Ice Cream Recipe — Done 5 Ways

8/6 The Recipe

Banana Ice Cream -- 5 Ways

From plain to mixing in peanut butter, almonds, cocoa or even berry lavender jam, here are 5 ways to enjoy vegan banana ice cream.
Smoothie of the Week: PB & J + Kale

8/4 The Recipe

PB & J + Kale Smoothie

Peanut butter and berries go together like, well, pb&j - but the surprising addition of kale is why this our smoothie of the week!
Meatless Mondays: Chickpea Veggie Soup

8/3 The Recipe

Vegan Chickpea Veggie Soup

Try and guess the secret ingredient in this hearty soup. Hint: You'll never look at your morning bowl of oatmeal the same way!
Vegan, Gluten-free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins

7/24 The Recipe

Vegan, Gluten-free Muffins

These coffee cake muffins pair perfectly with, well, a cup of coffee. They're a great weekend treat or midday pick-me-up.
Meatless Mondays By the Numbers: How Much Can You Save?

7/13 The Insight

Meatless Monday Stats

Have you considered doing Meatless Mondays? You save money and a whole lot more. See how it adds up.
Meatless Mondays: Vegan Taco Lasagna

7/6 The Recipe

Meatless Taco Lasagna

This vegan taco lasagna by Bake and Destroy's Natalie Slater is ooey gooey enough to satisfy any omnivore!
Smoothie of the Week: Better Than a Candy Bar Smoothie

6/30 The Recipe

Cacao Candy Bar Smoothie

What tastes like a candy bar and fuels your work out like a power bar? This killer smoothie featuring coconut and cacao!
From Hair Care to Cooking: 25 Magical Uses for Coconut Oil

6/23 The Spotlight

25 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a pretty magical product. It goes way beyond cooking. From beauty to pet care, here are 25 uses for coconut oil.
Smoothie of the Week: Look Hot Naked Smoothie

5/12 The Recipe

The Look Hot Naked Smoothie

With greens, healthy fats and plenty of protein, this smoothie recipe from The Skinny Confidential will make you feel sexy!
Friday Treat: Vegan PB & J Muffins

5/1 The Recipe

Vegan PB & J Muffins

Make a batch of PB&J muffins with this recipe from Chicago's own vegan bakery Pie, Pie My Darling and have the best weekend ever.
Meatless Mondays: Q&A With Rich Roll

4/27 The Interview

Q&A: Vegan Ultraman Rich Roll

Abe's fans interview Rich Roll - the first Ultraman World Championships athlete to compete on an entirely plant-based diet!
6 Reasons to Join the Vegan Cheese Revolution

3/6 The Insight

6 Reasons to Try Vegan Cheese

Thinking about going dairy free but not ready to lose cheese? Check out these reasons to make the switch to vegan cheese today!
Meatless Mondays: Open-Face Lemon and Kale Sandwich

2/23 The Recipe

Delish Lemon and Kale Sandwich

Any leafy green (kale, Swiss chard, spinach) will work in this healthy sandwich. Be generous with the lemon juice and enjoy!
Meatless Mondays: Triple-Decker Lasagna

2/9 The Recipe

Triple-Decker Lasagna

Think lasagna is only for "cheat days?" Loaded up with healthy, plant-based fillings this hearty dish only feels like cheating.
Clean Carrot Cake: Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Sugar Added

1/9 The Recipe

Clean Carrot Cake

Naturally sweetened with pineapple, this healthier version of your favorite cold weather cake is guaranteed to hit the spot!
Meatless Mondays: Colorful Winter Salad

1/5 The Recipe

Colorful Winter Salad

Sweet and juicy oranges, creamy rich avocado and pungent daikon make this a cleansing and refreshing raw winter salad.
Meatless Mondays: Stuffed Butternut Squash

12/22 The Recipe

Stuffed Butternut Squash

This simple and delicious vegan entree is perfect for holiday gatherings, or just making your Meatless Monday special.
DIY Gift: Vegan Snowman Snacks

12/12 The Article

DIY Gift: Vegan Snowman Snacks

Download our free Snowman Snacks gift tag and mix up a bag of this cute holiday treat featuring vegan candies, pretzels & almonds.
Smoothie of the Week: Chocolate Mylk

12/4 The Recipe

Chocolate Mylk

A simple DIY nut milk recipe from Emily von Euw that's delicious on it's own, or as a basis for your creative smoothie recipes.
Meatless Mondays: Cranberry Couscous

12/1 The Recipe

Side Dish: Cranberry Couscous

This simple, healthy holiday side dish comes to us from Westside Market NYC chef and chief matriarch Maria Zoitas.
Meatless Mondays: The Best Gluten-Free Cornbread

11/24 The Recipe

Vegan Gluten-Free Cornbread

What's a great chili without a big hunk of freshly-baked cornbread? Try this gluten-free recipe from Fork and Beans' Cara Reed!
Meatless Mondays: Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

11/17 The Recipe

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

This one goes out to all the vegans toughing it out at the Thanksgiving dinner table. An all-in-one slowcooker feast fit for two!
Meatless Mondays: Green Bean Casserole Pizza

11/3 The Recipe

Green Bean Casserole Pizza

Two great tastes that taste great together! Get this Thanksgiving-inspired vegan recipe by Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy.
Quiz: What's Your Problem?

10/30 The Quiz

Quiz: What's Your Problem?

Sleepy? Sluggish? Stressed out? Take this fun quiz to find out which BioTerra herbal supplement can help you get it together!
Meatless Mondays: Individual Super-Veggie Pot Pies

10/27 The Recipe

Personal Super-Veggie Pot Pies

Tender veggies in creamy gravy & a buttery crust with no cream or butter? These mini vegan pot pies are a must for your fall menu.
Meatless Mondays: Quinoa Salad with Black Beans, Apples & Red Grapes

10/20 The Recipe

Awesome Quinoa Salad

Wishing for a quinoa salad that’s easy to make, chockfull of good nutrition, and tastes fantastic? Your wish is our command!
5 Halloween Looks Using Natural Cosmetics

10/16 The Article

5 Supernatural Halloween Looks

The ingredients in most Halloween makeup are pretty scary! Check out these five spooky looks created with natural cosmetics.
Meatless Mondays: Veggie Oat Taco Mince

9/29 The Recipe

Veggie Oat Taco Mince

Want a totally meat-free taco night? Kathy Hester's oat-based veggie taco mince does the trick!
Smoothie of the Week: Natalie's Green Smoothie

9/29 The Recipe

Natalie's Green Smoothie

Want to try a green smoothie but scared it will Fresh lemon and mint keep this recipe fresh tasting and refreshing!
Meatless Mondays: Curry Cashew Savory Granola

9/22 The Recipe

Curry Cashew Savory Granola

Rethink granola with this savory vegan recipe! Sprinkle it on your favorite tomato soup for a hearty, meatless lunch or dinner.
Meatless Mondays: Steel-Cut Oat Bean Chili

9/15 The Recipe

Vegan Steel-Cut Oat Bean Chili

You'll never find an easier chili recipe than this! Packed with smoky flavor, it's tasty on its own or wrapped up in a burrito.
Meatless Mondays: Steel-Cut Oat Sausage Crumbles

9/1 The Recipe

Steel-Cut Oat Sausage Crumbles

Sprinkle it on pizza or spoon it on over biscuits and gravy. This simple, soy-free and gluten-free vegan recipe does it all!
Save Money and the Planet with a Waste-Free Lunch

8/18 The Article

Save $ with a Waste-Free Lunch

By now you know disposable lunch items create a lot of trash, but did you know you might also be throwing away your money?
A Choco-Coco Donut So Good, You Can Have it for Breakfast

6/6 The Recipe

Choco-Coco Donuts

In honor of National Doughnut Day, here's a healthy choco-coco treat so good, you can have it for breakfast.
5 Simple Ways to Be Less Trashy

4/23 The Article

5 Ways to Waste Less

Want to make a real impact on the environment? Here are 5 easy ways to cut back on waste!
Vegan Banana Bread French Toast Cupcakes. Um, Yes!

4/7 The Recipe

Banana Bread Cupcakes

If you have to question eating banana bread french toast cupcakes, we may have to question you.
Sassy Answers to Common Vegan Misconceptions

4/7 The Article

Sassy Vegan FAQs

Have you ever had a question for a vegan? Well, be careful what you ask. You may get a sassy response.
Zesty Vegan Nacho Chee-Zee Sauce

4/7 The Recipe

Nacho Chee-Zee Sauce

Want a quick cheesy snack or a gooey vegan sauce to add to nachos, tacos or more? Check this out.
5 Hot New Products: From Reusable Taco Shells to Mustache Wax!

4/1 The Article

5 Hot New Products!

Abe's strives to find the hottest, newest products for you. Here are 5 fab finds — from reusable taco shells to mustache wax!