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April, 2015: Spring

Beyond the Smoke: 6 Healthy Benefits of Hemp

4/20 The Insight

6 Benefits of Hemp!

Beyond a cloudy stereotype, hemp has numerous health and nutritional benefits.
Meatless Mondays: Untuna Wraps

4/20 The Recipe

Untuna Wraps

It’s actually uncanny how much this 100% vegan, nutrient-dense dish indeed tastes like tuna – pun intended.
Zemas Vegan Compost Cookies

4/17 The Recipe

Zemas Vegan Compost Cookies

Just in time for Earth Day, these treats are a tasty way to talk to kids about the role good 'ol worms & dirt play in our lives!
Smoothie of the Week: Banana Blueberry Pomegranate

4/16 The Recipe

Banana-berry Pom Smoothie

This drink sneaks in a lot of bang for the buck—carotenoids, lutein, vitamin C and potassium from the bananas, plus fiber.
Meatless Mondays: Smoky Eggplant Steaks With Balsamic Cashew Cream & Pine Nuts

4/13 The Recipe

Smoky Eggplant Steaks

Looking for a meatless meal that really satisfies? Try this smoky eggplant steak dinner from the new cookbook Crave, Eat, Heal.
Fancy Fridays: 6 Foods for Clearer Skin

4/10 The Article

6 Foods for Clearer Skin

The foods you eat have an effect on the state of your skin! Try these some skin-saving foods for a clearer complexion.
From Hair Care to Cooking: 25 Magical Uses for Coconut Oil

4/10 The Spotlight

25 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a pretty magical product. It goes way beyond cooking. From beauty to pet care, here are 25 uses for coconut oil.
Smoothie of the Week: Cacao Java Smoothie

4/9 The Recipe

Cacao Java Smoothie

This tasty way to start your day features a Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie as its secret ingredient!
 Meatless Mondays: Terrapin Restaurant's Lemon-Kale Salad

4/6 The Recipe

Pucker & Crunch

Chef Josh Kroner of Terrapin Restaurant in Upstate NY crafted a zesty & crunchy lemon-kale perfect for a picnic
Easter Hot Cross Buns With Crystallized Ginger & Cranberries

4/3 The Recipe

Easter Hot Cross Buns

Ginger makes everything taste better, so this Easter whip up a batch of hot cross buns with crystallized ginger!
Smoothie of the Week: Blueberry, Kale and Fig

4/2 The Recipe

Blueberry, Kale & Fig Smoothie

All hail kale! This super green source of calcium, omega-3 & fiber gets a protein boost from Epic Protein Vanilla Lucuma powder!