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February, 2016: Admire

Ain't It Sweet? 20+ Uses for Honey in Your Home

2/27 The Spotlight

20 Uses for Honey in Your Home

Honey is a household staple, yet it's often overlooked. Here are 22 amazing, and somewhat uncommon, uses for the sweet stuff.
From Argan to Sunflower: 5 Plant Oils to Benefit Skin

2/19 The Article

5 Plant Oils to Benefit Skin

It may seem counterintuitive to put oil on your face, but these 5 plant oils — from argan to sunflower — offer many benefits.
Dieting? You Need to Know These 3 Good Fats

2/18 The Insight

Understanding Good Fats

Whether you're dieting or just want to eat healthier, you should get to know these 3 good fats. Your body will thank you.
A Daily Detox Green Smoothie in 7 Easy Steps

2/15 The Recipe

Daily Detox in 7 Steps

Follow these 7 steps for a daily detox green smoothie to help boost your energy, speed your metabolism and aid in losing weight.
Breathe Easy: 8 Herbs & Spices to Fight Cold & Flu

2/14 The Article

Herbs Fight Flu & Cold

Are you ready for cold and flu season? These 8 herbs can help boost your immunity and help you heal faster.
Raw Power: Hazelnut and Chocolate Raw Cookies

2/13 The Recipe

Raw Choco-Hazelnut Cookies

These tasty cookies are packed full of protein to keep you full and energized while also satisfying your sweet tooth!
6 Places Sugar Is Hiding in Your Food

2/11 The Insight

6 Hidden Sugars!

Sugar lurks in foods we may not realize. From yogurt to bread to granola ... see how much you may be eating.
Eat Dark Leafy Greens for Radiant Skin

2/10 The Article

Eat Dark Greens for Good Skin

Want a reason to eat more dark green leafy vegetables. These superfoods are packed with skin-loving nutrients!
5 Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress at Work

2/7 The Article

Yoga Relieves Stress

Follow these great tips to stretch away stress with yoga and feel fantastic.
6 Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Products for Your Home

2/5 The Article

6 Reasons to Clean Green

6 Reasons to switch to green cleaning products -- you’ll really feel like you’re getting your house clean.