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July, 2013: Shine

Eat-em-Fast-So-They-Don't-Drip Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

7/31 The Recipe

I Scream! You Scream!

You'll all be screaming for these gluten-free ice cream sandwiches!
Gluten-Free Churros & Chocolate Make You Wanna Dance

7/31 The Recipe

Gluten-Free Churros!

Don't give up crunchy sweetness if you have a gluten-free diet. These delicious churros remind you to live to the fullest!
This Raspberry Chia Spread is the Jam

7/28 The Recipe

Chia Jam!

Want a little pick me up to get the day going? Spread some raspberry chia jam on a piece of toast.
Get a Hi-Fiber Hemp Boost: Green Tea Protein Smoothie Recipe

7/28 The Recipe

Hemp Power Boost!

This easy-to-make protein-packed, high-fiber hemp-filled green tea smoothie recipe will give your day a power boost!
Bug Off! Repel Insects Without Toxic Insecticides

7/27 The Article

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me

Keep irritating bugs at bay without harmful chemicals. Here are 5 ways to repel bugs naturally.
Fuel Up: Naturally Boost Your Running

7/26 The Insight

Fuel Up. Run Right.

Treat your body right this running season by eating the right foods before and after you hit the road.
Glow From Within: 5 Foods to Increase Inner Beauty

7/25 The Insight

Glow From Within

Want your beauty to shine from the inside? Discover 5 Foods to Help!
Goodbye to Lunch Wars: How to Teach Your Kids to Pack Their Own Lunch

7/24 The Article

No More Lunch Wars!

Tired of arguing with your kids about their lunch? Teach them to make and pack their own!
From Past to Present: Why Heirloom Varietals Matter

7/22 The Insight

Family Heirlooms

Looking for another easy way to avoid GMOs? Seek out heirloom varietals when shopping for produce and taste a piece of history.
Want a Healthy Pup? Start With a Natural Diet

7/17 The Article

Why a Natural Doggy Diet Works

Many dogs' health issues start with what you put in their food bowl. So why not make it natural?
Water Water Everywhere! 4 Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer

7/15 The Article

Hydrate! Or Die!

As summer heats up, so do our activity levels. Stay properly hydrated with these four tips to avoid any illnesses.
Too Much Summer Fun? Yoga Can Help You Sleep

7/12 The Insight

Yoga For Sleep!

Having too much summer fun? Start practicing yoga ... certain poses can help calm your mind and make you sleepy.
Frame Up This Tomato Avocado Salad by Framed Cooks

7/12 The Recipe

Tomatoh! Ahhvocado!

Keep things fresh and cool with this low-cal tomato avocado salad by Framed Cooks
A Hemp-filled Guacamole Recipe to Make You Say

7/11 The Recipe

Spicy Hempseed Guacamole

Looking for an appetizer that packs a protein punch and adds spice to your meal? Check out this hemp guacamole recipe and say ole!
When Green Acres Moved to the City: Urban Farming in 4 Steps

7/9 The Article

Be an Urban Farmer!

Want to grow your own food and help the environment? Here are four steps to help you become an urban farmer.
Cool Down With Watermelon Popsicles by Lulu Powers

7/7 The Recipe

Icy Watermelon Treats!

Best thing about these sweet frozen watermelon treats? You'll love gobbling them up before they melt!
Pamela Salzman's Tex-Mex Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

7/6 The Recipe

Sweet! Tex-Mex Skins

A little bit spicy. A whole lotta healthy. These skins will jazz up any party.
Feel the Chill of Minty Moscow Mules

7/6 The Recipe

Minty Moscow Mules

With a little bit of spicy and a whole lot of kick, pour these Moscow Mules for your friends and you'll have a bangin' bash
Food Republic of Grilled Salmon with Dill Butter

7/6 The Recipe

Republic of Salmon

Ready the barbecue's main event with this grilled salmon with dill butter by the Food Republic. It'll make 'em say wow.
Get Ready to Die for this Blueberry Pie

7/4 The Recipe

Blueberry Madness!

Need a deliciously decadent yet healthy pie for your next barbecue? This blueberry baby has you covered!
Drink Green: 6 Sustainable Summer Sippers

7/3 The Article

Drink Green Wine

No not green wine, but sustainably produced with through organic or biodynamic methods. We explore 5 great bottles.
Foodily & Abe's 4th of July BBQ Feast

7/1 The Recipe

4th of July BBQ Bash

Celebrate America's birthday with a fantastic recipe from a great collection of Foodily's chefs.