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November, 2013: Gratitude

Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Guys Spa Day

11/29 The Spotlight

Gift Guide: Guys Spa Day

Guys need pampering, too. These masculine products will keep his skin looking toned, firm and youthful.
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Time to Pamper Her!

11/28 The Spotlight

Gifts to Pamper Her

Who doesn't love a little pampering? These lotions, masks, serums and more take luxury to a new level.
Day After Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bread French Toast

11/27 The Recipe

Pumpkin French Toast

You made too much pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving. Don't toss it. Save it for the morning and whip up French toast for breakfast!
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bath

11/27 The Spotlight

Gift Guide: For the Bath

Do you know someone who just loves little soaps, taking long baths and smelling wonderful?
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Foodie Gift Sets

11/26 The Spotlight

Perfect Foodie Gift Sets

Need the perfect gift for the foodie in your life? We've got you covered.
5 Ways to Have Less Stress During the Holidays

11/26 The Insight

Reduce Holiday Stress

The holidays are upon us. Are you already stressed out? These 5 tips may help you relax and enjoy them more.
Swap New Year's Resolutions For One Small Change

11/25 The Insight

Make One Small Change

People easily make and break grand New Year's resolutions. Skip that and instead make one small change for 2014. It's easier.
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Sweets For All!

11/25 The Spotlight

Gift Guide: Sweets!

Give something sweet to all of your sweets!
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Arts & Crafts

11/22 The Spotlight

Gifts: Arts & Crafts

Kids have amazing imaginations. Encourage their creativity with these natural arts and crafts gifts.
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Little Explorers

11/21 The Spotlight

Gifts For Lil' Explorers

You want them to stay little, but kids will grow. And explore. Why not encourage both?
Too Much Ruff-housing? There's a Dog Training Class for That

11/20 The Article

Paw-sitive Pups!

Despite your efforts, your dog acts like, well, a dog. Try these specialty dog training classes to positively get them in check.
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Great Finds For Teen Girls

11/20 The Spotlight

Gift Guide: Teen Girls

Teenagers can be moody, but these fantastic gifts will surely bring a smile to anyone's face!
Thanksgivukkah Sweet Potato & Zucchini Latkes

11/20 The Recipe

Thanksgivukkah Latkes

Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year. If you're celebrating, consider making a batch of sweet potato and zucchini latkes.
Mediterranean Thanksgiving? Try Pumpkin Orzo Antipasti

11/19 The Recipe

Pumpkin Orzo Antipasti

Love Thanksgiving but want to change it up a bit? Try starting dinner out with this pumpkin orzo antipasti from HerbNZest.
Gluten-free Shallot & Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

11/19 The Recipe

GF Horseradish Mash

Add a plant-based side dish to Thanksgiving with this scrumptious gluten- and dairy-free shallot and horseradish mashed potato.
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Natural Toys for Kids

11/19 The Spotlight

Gift Guide: Natural Toys

Make this holiday season a natural one for all the kids in your life!
When Natural Becomes Toxic: 4 Tips to Stay Sane While Changing Lifestyles

11/18 The Insight

Be Natural Not Toxic

We can drive ourselves crazy trying to maintain a natural lifestyle. Here are 4 tips to stay sane and enjoy your life.
Abe's Holiday Gift Guide: Best for Baby

11/18 The Spotlight

Gift Guide: Baby's Best

Looking to spoil the littlest ones even more? Here are some of Abe's fave baby gifts.
Vegan Naan Pizza with Pumpkin Pesto & Arugula

11/17 The Recipe

Vegan Naan Pumpkin Pizza

If you want to stray from traditional turkey for a vegan Thanksgiving, try this delicious pumpkin pesto and arugula 'za on naan.
Chef Stephanie Izard's Holiday Spaghetti Squash

11/17 The Recipe

Izard's Spaghetti Squash

Add some color and a whole bunch of flavor to your holiday table with Stephanie Izard's spaghetti squash with her Rub #1.
Going BPA-free Can Save Your Meal ... and Life

11/15 The Insight

Time to Go BPA Free

BPA is in plastics, aluminum cans and many other things you don't realize. It's time to rid your life of this toxic chemical.
Want Gorgeous Skin? Soak Up the Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

11/14 The Article

Rub in Rosehip Oil

Is rosehip seed oil the new fountain of youth? People swear by it. Ready to see why it may work miracles?
Light Up the Holidays But Don't Burn Down the House

11/12 The Insight

6 Hot Candle Handling Tips

Everyone loves the glow and flicker of a beautifully scented candle. Follow these tips to use — and prolong them — safely.
Chef Stephanie Izard's

11/12 The Recipe

"Canned" Cranberry Sauce

People love canned cranberry sauce, but mix up this fresh recipe from celeb chef Stephanie Izard. They won't know the difference!
Dishing Dirty: Filthy Truths of the Modern Woman

11/11 The Insight

Dishing Dirty

Looking for some truth behind the news? Look no further than Abe's Dishing Dirty. We call it like we see — with a little fun spin.
Bamboo: Is it Better Than Cotton?

11/11 The Insight

Sustainable Bamboo

Many things are made from cotton, but is that the best material? It might be time to consider bamboo, a more sustainable resource.
The Dangers of Teenage Skin Care: What You Need to Know

11/6 The Insight

Teenage Skin Care

All those chemicals floating around skin care and beauty products can negatively impact your teenager's health.
Discover Spirulina: Your New Favorite Green Superfood

11/6 The Article

Super Spirulina!

If you're looking for your next favorite superfood, look no further than spirulina.
Celebrity Makeup Artist Katey Denno's Top Green Beauty Picks

11/6 The Curator

Celeb Skin Care Tips

Abe's welcomes celeb makeup artist Katey Denno as our resident beauty expert. See what she's loving now and come back for more!
Got Acne? 3 Ways to Naturally Knock Out Zits

11/6 The Article

Destroy Acne Naturally

Even as adults, acne can take its toll on our skin. Here are three ways to naturally fight zits and blemishes.
Who You Callin' Fatty Acid? Those Oils Are Essential For Your Skin

11/6 The Insight

Soak In Fatty Acids

You skin needs essential fatty acids to thrive, stay supple, elastic and hydrated. Find out more from our expert at Corpa Flora.
Pumpkin Bread! With Chocolate Chips!

11/5 The Recipe

Choc Chip Pumpkin Bread

Can you think of a better fall snack than a warm slice of chocolate chip pumpkin bread?
Parmesan Mediterranean Roasted Acorn Squash

11/5 The Recipe

Parmesan Acorn Squash

Thanksgiving gets a little more exotic with this festive roasted acorn squash dish from Urban Accents.
Multi-Purpose Maple BBQ Meatballs

11/4 The Recipe

Maple BBQ Meatballs

Whether for football tailgate, a dinner party or Thanksgiving, whip these up for tasty pops of yumminess!
Eat Elderberries to Ward Off Flu ... Or Zombies

11/1 The Article

Eat Elderberries

Elderberries have helped ward off cold and flu if taken early enough. Can they help ward off zombies, too?
Cookies: They <i>Can</i> Do a Body Good

11/1 The Insight

Eat That Cookie!

Yes, eating too many cookies can have negative impact, but some cookies offer more health benefits. Want some?
That Stinks: The Real Deal with Sweat, Antiperspirants and Natural Deodorants

11/1 The Article

Aw, Smell No!

Think natural deodorant is just for hippies? Think again. Not only do they work, they're healthier for your body.