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November, 2015: Feast

A Daily Detox Green Smoothie in 7 Easy Steps

11/25 The Recipe

Daily Detox in 7 Steps

Follow these 7 steps for a daily detox green smoothie to help boost your energy, speed your metabolism and aid in losing weight.
We’re Thankful for ‘Thankful Rolls’

11/25 The Article

Thankful for ‘Thankful Rolls’

No matter what your plans are for your Thanksgiving table this year, these ‘thankful rolls’ are sure to be a hit.
Not Just for BBQs, Discover Activated Charcoal's Health Benefits

11/24 The Insight

Charcoal Rocks!

Known more for sparking summer barbecues, charcoal has numerous health benefits ranging from removing toxins to reducing gas pain.
Indulge in 6 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

11/23 The Article

Why Eat Dark Chocolate?

While you shouldn't go overboard, eating dark chocolate has plenty of health benefits. Check out the six we found.
Spice Up Your Health: 6 Benefits of Cinnamon

11/23 The Article

A Dash of Cinnamon

Adding just a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to your daily diet can boost your health in numerous ways. Interested?
Thanksgiving Apples & Stuffing from Chef Stephanie Izard

11/18 The Recipe

Thanksgiving Apple Stuffing

Grab some day-old nutty bread, mix it with apples and chef Stephanie Izard's Rub #1 for some tasty Thanksgiving stuffing.
How to Brine & Roast the Best Thanksgiving Turkey Ever

11/17 The Article

Brine the Best Turkey Ever

Want to brine and roast the best Thanksgiving turkey ever? Watch this helpful and entertaining video from Urban Accents.
Natalie's Vegan Holiday Survival Guide

11/17 The Insight

Vegan Holiday Survival Guide

Family gatherings can be an awkward time to discuss your diet. Create a stress-free vegan holiday with these 4 easy tips.
Meatless Mondays: 20+ Plant-Based Protein Sources

11/16 The Article

20+ Plant-Based Proteins

Wondering where vegans get their protein, or just tired of answering the question? Here are 20+ excellent plant-based sources!
Want A Healthy Thanksgiving? Just Swap a Few Ingredients

11/16 The Article

Make a Healthy Thanksgiving

Don't worry about making tofurkey, but a heart healthier Thanksgiving is as easy as making a few ingredient swaps.
5 Essential Oils You Can't Live Without

11/15 The Article

5 Essential Oils You Need

There's a reason they're called essential. These oils offer a host of benefits from health to home. Get ready to soak them in.
Smoothie of the Week: Carrot Ginger Turmeric Chiller

11/14 The Recipe

Carrot Ginger Turmeric Chiller

Make this anti-inflammatory elixir, packed with fresh ginger and turmeric, in a juicer or a blender & serve it hot or cold.
5x5: 5 Reasons to Love Pumpkin

11/5 The Spotlight

5 Reasons to Love Pumpkin

You can make pie, jack-o-lanterns, sauces and more, but pumpkin is also full of health benefits. Here's 5 reasons to love pumpkin.
Raw Power: Hazelnut and Chocolate Raw Cookies

11/5 The Recipe

Raw Choco-Hazelnut Cookies

These tasty cookies are packed full of protein to keep you full and energized while also satisfying your sweet tooth!