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October, 2013: Harvest

Tooth Decay? No Way! Keep Your Kids Smiling on Halloween

10/29 The Insight

Halloween Safe Teeth

Kids will ingest loads of Halloween candy. Be sure you keep their teeth safe.
Sweet & Savory Gluten-free Cheezy Herb Waffles

10/28 The Recipe

GF Cheezy Herb Waffles

Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? How about dinner for breakfast? These gluten-free cheesy herb waffles hit the spot.
Pick a Peck of Gluten-Free Pinot Pepper Chili

10/28 The Recipe

Gluten-Free Pinot Chili

Add heat to your chili with the Czar's gluten-free Pinot Pepper Sauce. It'll make you say, "awwwww yeah!"
So Cute Gluten-free Mini Cider Doughnuts

10/28 The Recipe

Adorable Cider Doughnuts

These mini cider doughnuts are gluten-free and adorable ... so eating a few won't make you feel too guilty.
Greens & Shrimp & Whole Grain Magnoodles Pasta

10/24 The Recipe

Whole Grain Shrimp Pasta

Healthy pasta? You bet! Magnoodles packs in whole grains (35g), fiber (5g) and protein (7g). Carbs? Come and get 'em.
Make a Date for Coconut Flour Pancakes

10/23 The Recipe

Date Coconut Pancakes

Not only are these pancakes delicious with date syrup and coconut, but they're gluten free and lean pretty paleo!
Rake & Break: Fall Safety Cleanup Tips

10/23 The Insight

7 Fall Cleanup Tips

Don't break your back while bagging the leaves. Follow these 7 tips to keep you safe and sane during fall cleanup.
On the Side: Toasted Walnut Ginger Carrot Salad

10/22 The Recipe

Ginger Carrot Salad

Brunch isn't just about eggs ... sometimes you want to go savory.
Plant Your Own Garden of Eatin'

10/17 The Article

Let Your Garden Grow

Never be without fresh herbs and veggies again. Plant your own garden and always have freshness on hand.
Boo! Scary Toxins Abound During Halloween

10/15 The Article

Halloween Toxins!

Keep halloween safe this year and avoid costumes, candy, face paint and more that carry scary toxins.
Matcha Up Green Tea & Cinnamon Mandel Bread

10/14 The Recipe

Matcha Mandelbroit

Whether you call it mandel bread, biscotti or a biscuit, this green tea-infused coffee cookie is a real treat!
Ride the Currant & Make These Scones

10/13 The Recipe

Currant Scones

Feel right proper when you sip your tea or coffee while enjoying these beautiful currant scones.
It's Thyme for Tarragon-encrusted Salmon

10/11 The Recipe

Tarragon Salmon

Why bother eating that boring grilled salmon when it could be so much more exciting?
Goa Crazy With Sweet Chili Stir Fry & Bell Peppers

10/11 The Recipe

Goa Chili Stir Fry

Travel to Goa, India for an exotic sweet chili stir fry dinner without leaving your house.
Get Sweet With a Spicy Moroccan Chicken

10/10 The Recipe

Moroccan Chicken

Get sweet on this spicy Moroccan chicken and make a super easy meal.
Spinach Ginger Salmon Burgers With Hot Peach Chutney

10/10 The Recipe

Chutney Salmon Burgers!

The entire team can get behind these sweet and spicy peach chutney spinach salmon burgers.
Mole Mole Mole Pulled Pork Tacos with Napa Cabbage Slaw

10/10 The Recipe

More Mole Pork Tacos!

We love Larry's mole sauce especially when paired with pulled pork tacos!
Pear + Bacon + Quinoa = One Glorious Pizza

10/9 The Recipe

Pear Bacon Quinoa Pizza

If it's true that everything is better with bacon then watch out because this pizza may blow your mind.
Almond Graham Sandwich Cookies That Are the (Concord Grape Chia) Jam

10/9 The Recipe

Almond Graham Cookies

Cookies are great, but sandwich cookies are fun! Use concord grape chia jam between the cookies -- or anything else you want!
Break the Rules With Mom's Apple Crisp

10/9 The Recipe

Mom's Apple Crisp

Way Basics' Deborah Smith tells us about her favorite rule-breaking apple crisp, a recipe she inherited from her mom.
Flip For Lemon Ginger Filo Turnover Samosas

10/8 The Recipe

Lemon Ginger Samosas

Once you taste these lemon ginger filo samosas, you'll ever wonder why you didn't make them sooner.
Fair Trade Rules: Why Everyone Should Earn a Living Wage

10/8 The Insight

Fair Trade Rules

Don't Want to Earn Pennies For Your Hard Work? That's Why Fair Trade Matters.
Get Stuffed on Spinach Artichoke Yeasted Pizza

10/8 The Recipe

Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Want pizza but don't eat gluten? This delicious pain-free yeasted stuffed pizza is topped with spinach and artichokes.
Heavenly Multigrain Blueberry Coffee Cake

10/8 The Recipe

Blueberry Coffee Cake!

Who doesn't love coffee cake? If you want something healthier, look no further than this heavenly multigrain recipe.
8 Ways to Stay Fit in Fall for Free (or Really Cheap)

10/4 The Article

Stay Fit for Free!

Looking for ways to stay fit this fall, but have to do it on a budget? Here are 8 ways that might surprise you.
How 'Bout Dem Apples: Fall Apple Crush Cocktail

10/3 The Recipe

Fall Apple Cocktails

Drink in fall with this delicious cocktail recipe featuring Morris Kitchen's spiced apple syrup, pear brandy and vodka.
Don't Be Chai. Enjoy These Spice Cookies

10/1 The Recipe

Chai Spiced Cookies

Looking for a quick way to savor fall spices? Enjoy a few of these chai spiced cookies ... and forget the guilt!.
Say Pomegranate 10 Times Fast. Now Go Get Some.

10/1 The Article

Power of Pomegranate

Everyone talks about pumpkin for fall, but don't forget about your powerful pal pomegranate.
Get Outta Town Gluten-free Apple Fritters

10/1 The Recipe

Fall Apple Fritters

Go full your bushel up with ripe fall apples and get ready to make some tasty gluten-free cinnamon apple fritters!