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Try For $2

Today's Feature: Warmly Spiced Lentil & Rice Kit (6.75 oz)
Everyday we crack open cases of our favorite products for you to try. These prices are possible because our partner brands are excited to listen to your feedback in order to improve and grow.
Pick up to three of your favorites per day. To make organic/natural simple and easy each product is only $2 - and every product here ships for free.
Be a tastemaker. These brands want to hear from you. Answer one question before your purchase and share your feedback a few days after you receive your selection in the mail.

Great program, but how can you afford to offer these products at such a low cost?

We (and our sellers) are so excited to introduce you to new products, and get your feedback, that we are willing to send these products to you far below our regular cost. In order for us to make this work we need your feedback. No holds barred, if you were disappointed please do tell us why. We will ask you one question about yourself (it will be simple, SAT's not required) followed by a quick email after you have tried your selection.

How much does it really cost me? Can I send some to Grandma to try?

Each product really only costs you $2! We sure hope you tell others about this great program so they come check it out and try products for themselves, but we are only able to send trial products to the same person who ordered them. This is how we are able to receive the most meaningful feedback on the products — and remember, your feedback is what helps fuel this program. Since we are offering these products at such a great value, however, no additional promotions or discounts are able to be used on any of the Try for $2 products.

Why is there a limit to how many I can buy?

You can only try the same product, same flavor, one time, as we believe trial will lead to you liking and buying outside our trial program or not liking (and that's ok, too) and providing us with that valuable feedback. We limit everyone to 1 order per day with up to 3 trial products per order and 15 products per month to assure there is opportunity for many customers to try the limited supply of these great products.

How often can I expect to see new products I can try?

There will be new products available to try every few days, check in often to be sure to see our full selection. We will also be updating our Facebook page with exciting product launches.

Will products in this program be just from some categories or all categories you sell?

While we cannot offer trial of apparel, home decor and certain other types of products on our site, we look forward to offering you ways to try everything from savory snacks to hardest working home cleaners; more natural sweets and treats to bath and body products that are natural beauties.

How quickly will my products arrive? Will I be notified when new products arrive?

You are just days away from receiving your trial products after you complete your order. Within 2 days your 1-3 products will be on their way to you from our warehouse just outside of Chicago. They make 1-4 days in transit to you. We know waiting is tough, we like to bide our time gardening…

If I don't like my trial product, what do I do? can I return it?

You can let us know that valuable feedback when you fill out the quick survey you will receive just a few days after you get your trial products to your home. As this is a program we run at a very low cost and ship all products for free, no trial products are returnable for refund or credit.

Why do you need my feedback? Will the brands see my feedback or just Abe's Market?

Your feedback is essential to the health of this program. In exchange for us breaking open cases and our sellers offering their products way below their wholesale price we are looking for you to share how you feel about the product. Your name and details will never be shared with the brand but your answers will be. Brands will be making strategic decisions based on what you have to say.

Will my reponses be kept confidential?

While sellers will receive your feedback, it will be in aggregate form and you, as a customer, will be kept completely anonymous and your privacy completely protected

If I place a trial product with a regular order, will my whole order ship for free?

We can only ship the trial products for free, unless there is another free shipping promotion active on our site for all orders. The only exception to this is when you spend over $49 — your order then ALWAYS ships for free on Abe's.

This program is so awesome I can't stop talking about. I have always wanted to try more natural and organic products and live a healthier life. How can I share my love of Try for $2 with my friends, family and book club?

Please feel free to belt out your love from rooftops, water-coolers and PTA meetings. Facebook, Twitter and email also work well. Either way, we appreciate you and your push to live healthy.